GLEE “Duets” Review

GLEE Duets
GLEE “Duets” Season 2 Episode 4 – On tonight’s sexually charged episode of Glee, “Duets,” we saw some interesting musical pairings as well as some romantic ones. The Tina/Artie/Mike love triangle is now a rectangle that includes…Brittany? And I hope your mom wasn’t in the room during that scene with Brittany and Santana (I can’t believe they got away with a “scissoring” reference at 8pm).

Let’s take a look at all the duos from “Duets”:

Rachel and Finn – First they did the cutesy thing with “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” by Elton John and Kiki Dee and then they sang “With You I’m Born Again” while dressed as a priest and a Catholic schoolgirl. Ick. But that aside, I kind of loved how well these two worked together to lose the competition—it was very cute.

Mercedes and Santana – The two divas did “River Deep, Mountain High” by another diva, Tina Turner. Santana even did some killer Tina Turner dance moves. I can’t believe they lost!

Kurt – After his father and Finn convince him to back off Sam, he did a solo on “Le Jazz Hot” from Victor Victoria. It suited him perfectly, but I don’t think he’ll be replacing Julie Andrews anytime soon. I liked his duet with Rachel a lot more.

Rachel and Kurt – They did a mash-up of “Get Happy” and “Happy Days are Here Again” with Rachel singing the Barbra Streisand part and Kurt singing the Judy Garland part (check out the original version here). I loved this duet! Rachel was even wearing an outfit inspired by Streisand.

Sam and Quinn – They were just too adorable on “Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. They might just be my favorite new couple.

Mike and Tina – Their duet of “Sing” from A Chorus Line was so much fun! Do you think Harry Shum Jr. really can’t sing? Oh well, his dancing skills more than make up for it.

Artie and Brittany – Artie lost his virginity to Brittany, which I totally did not see coming. Seducing him for a free dinner with breadsticks was just low, even for Brittany. Although that scene at the end (with her looking longingly at Artie) makes me think she might actually have feelings for him. What do you think about a possible Artie and Brittany romance?

Santana and Brittany – When they referred to their hookup last year, it was treated as a joke, so I was really surprised to see them kissing tonight. Maybe I’m overreacting, but this scene bugged me. Brittany and Santana being bisexual is treated like no big deal, while Kurt struggles with being the only openly gay dude in their town. It just plays into the stereotype (and male fantasy) that women’s sexuality is more fluid than men’s—the idea that all women are a little bisexual. I think Kurt’s character proves you can’t pick your sexuality…oh wait, I guess you can if you’re a hot cheerleader. Really, Glee? Ok, rant over. And if I’m way off base here, please let me know.

Besides my issues with Brittany and Santana, I really enjoyed this episode of Glee. I liked how Finn, Kurt, and Burt revisited the name calling incident from last season, and they called out Kurt for being so pushy. Kurt has been really angry the past two episodes, but maybe it’s because he’s lonely. It was also good to see more of Quinn, who hasn’t had much to do lately. Puck’s convenient stint in juvy allowed her to spend some one-on-one time with Sam, and I think they are just too cute together. I don’t think Puck is going to be too happy about it, though. There’s definitely some drama ahead for these two.

So what did you think of “Duets?” Does Quinn belong with Sam or Puck? What was your favorite duet of the night? Leave a comment below!

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