CHUCK “Chuck Versus the Coup D’Etat” Review

Chuck (NBC) Chuck vs. The Coup D'Etat

CHUCK “Chuck versus the Coup D’Etat” Season 4 Episode 4- What happened next when Chuck held up a ring to Sarah in last week’s episode? Well, it served as a catalyst for the main subplot of this week’s show. Morgan gives Chuck a book “101 Conversations before ‘I Do’.” Sarah is pretty non-receptive to the ideas from the book, and when Sarah discovers the book she has a mini freak out…their conversation is interrupted by a nuclear missle.

When Awesome and Ellie are invited to Costa Gravas, they bring Chuck and Sarah along. Awesome is being honored with a huge marble statue.

When the wife goes bananas and starts a coup, Sarah and Chuck manage to escape with the general and Awesome and Ellie. They return when they find out she also tried to start a nuclear war and using their relationship as an allegory for Chuck and Sarah’s relationship, all conflicts are healed. For the most part.

Morgan is also having relationship issues, as in he’s unsure if he wants to get in a relationship which is pretty understandable considering it is Casey’s daughter. Sidenote: how old is Casey’s daughter? Last season when she was introduced I thought she was sixteen, but maybe I was wrong. Anyhow, he and Alex end up making out, which is certain to provide some entertainment.

Back on the Chuck’s mother story, Chuck has a flash and the general confirms that he bought the nuclear from Volkhoff’s Industries…which is the clue Heather gave Chuck about his mother.

Chuck tells Ellie that he is looking for their mother. Yay!

Finally, Sarah takes the advice from the book and talks to Chuck when he is asleep: she tells him that if he asked her to marry him for real, then her answer would be yes. Too bad he was sound asleep.

Even though nothing has managed to hit the quality of some of the season three episodes, I thought this was the best installment of this season. What did you make of it? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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