CHASE “Paranoia” Review

Chase "Paranoia" Review

CHASE “Paranoia” Season 1 Episode 4 – A woman kills her boyfriend and goes on the run with her small daughter in tow. The woman, Faith, shot her little brother when she was nine years old, splitting up the family as her own mother could never look at her again. Faith now dotes on her little girl and will do anything for her, but it turns out there’s no child at all. She lost a baby in a car accident when she was eight months pregnant, sending her fiancé to jail for causing the accident by talking on his cell.

So Faith has lived a life of pure fantasy with an imaginary child and anytime someone tried to tell her that little Dakota Marie didn’t exist, she killed them. The team tracks her to the ex fiancé and there the walls begin to come down as he is able to show her the reality of what actually happened five years ago. After that Faith kidnaps the little girl whose pictures she stole to keep up her fantasy. Stealing a big rig, she busts through a bunch of road blocks and the team catches up near a demolished bridge. Faith nearly drives the truck over the railing and Annie is barely able to get the child to safety (with the help of Jimmy and a helicopter above) before the rig goes over, taking Faith with it.

My favorite bits…

The unbelievably cold way Faith blew away her boyfriend and then cheerfully called her daughter out of her room.

The rest of the team being able to spot that Annie and Jimmy were fighting, through their ” fighting shorthand”.

Annie asking Jimmy if he knew where her father was. Whoa, I had no idea her dad was a fugitive. Boy that does explain a lot though.

Jimmy telling Luke that he was just starting to like him, before the guy accused him of treating Annie like a little girl on the playground that he chases around because he likes her.

Knowing the guy who offered Faith the use of his hotel room and bathroom was probably going to regret he ever saw her.

Faith playing hide and seek with her little girl to keep her from being seen at a possible police block.

Luke scaring the crap out of a little girl and her mom when he grabbed the wrong kid. Oops.

Literally gasping out loud when they discovered that little Dakota Marie didn’t exist. Okay wow, totally didn’t catch on to that.

Faith finally grasping at the truth of what was happening when she saw her daughter’s old nursery was gone.

The little girl getting up and asking for help in the restaurant after Faith left her alone. Good for her!

Feeling bad for the trucker who tried to help and only got blown away for his trouble.

Annie jumping from the helicopter onto a moving big rig. Whoa.

Knowing as soon as the truck crashed that Faith wasn’t going to survive.

Annie looking at the old picture of her dad.

Overall I liked this episode of Chase. The twist of having the little girl turn out to be a fantasy of a grief-stricken mother was a nice surprise. Also I’m intrigued by the tension between Annie and Jimmy and wonder where that will end up.

What did you think of the episode? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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