CASTLE “Punked” Review

Castle "Punked" Review

CASTLE “Punked” Season 3 Episode 4 – A man is found in the park wearing only boxers and was shot with a 200 year old bullet. As Beckett, Castle and the rest of the team delve further into the victim’s life they find that he worked for an investment firm. A few months earlier, hundreds of millions of dollars were lost and a lot of people blamed the victim. So they question the son of a man who committed suicide after the fiasco but it appears he’s fine and even made friends with the victim after the man gave him a job at a pretty unique club.

That’s where everything starts to make sense as they find out the victim and his friends were part of a Steampunk society. Dressing up in antique costumes, collecting antique weapons, the victim and his best friend both fell in love with the same woman. So they decided to have a fake duel to impress her and when he was killed, they both got scared and ran. All evidence points to an accident and they’re ready to charge the friend with manslaughter, until Beckett discovers that the guns weren’t accurate enough and there must have been third shooter. This time the evidence leads them right back to where they started, with the man whose father committed suicide.

My favorite bits…

The shot of the mounted police galloping through the park.

Thinking that Castle’s “s’more-lette” sounded pretty darn disgusting.

Castle spotting that he and the dead have the same boxers and that the guy must have been very comfortable before he was shot and killed.

The look on Castle’s face while he was staring down the incredibly big suspect who took down Esposito.

Ryan telling Esposito that “with the right turtle neck” no one would notice his neck brace. LOL.

Castle’s assumption that the old bullet must mean they were dealing with a time travelling killer. I love that his mind goes straight to time travel first.

Beckett begging Castle to stop saying “time ripple”.

Ryan and Castle debating the time travel killer idea.

Esposito and Castle doing a little finger tap when Beckett admitted that she didn’t have any better theory than the killer stealing the clothes because he came through the time machine naked.

The chief trying to keep from laughing at Esposito’s groan when he had to turn around to look at the gun.

Muse Watson as Ivan. OMG, it’s Franks from NCIS but with a Yosemite Sam mustache – Brain. Cannot. Compute.

Poor Esposito getting bashed by another wacky suspect. Nice moves by Ryan taking the guy’s cane out, though.

Ashley saying “if it’s okay with you’re gun.. uh, dad.” – LOL!

Castle saying he wanted to limit the testosterone in the room while Beckett was in interrogation.

Beckett and Castle walking into their first Steampunk society meeting. Never been to one but boy, it sure kinda looks fun.

Knowing as soon as I saw Esposito outside the door that the suspect was gonna run right into him. Ouch.

Beckett and Castle getting the chance to play with some antique guns.

The cop yelling at Castle and telling him to shoot at his own target and finally just giving him tools to help him fire accurately. When he was done, it looked like a setup from Mythbusters. LOL.

Seeing Castle in Steampunk gear. So cool!

Alexis asking her dad how to know when you’re in love and then going on and on until she basically answered her own question.

Beckett’s answer to how you know you’re in love being “all the songs make sense”.

Esposito pulling a fast one on Beckett and Castle.

The look on the “boys” faces when they met Beckett’s new boyfriend.

Alexis saying she wanted go on a date with her dad because he would always be her “go to guy”. OMG so sweet!

The super-cool tribute to Stephen J. Cannell at the end of the episode. So great that they did that. I was a huge fan of all of his stuff and will always recognize the image of that piece of paper floating down the screen.

Great episode of Castle. I loved the running gag of Esposito getting hit over and over again as well as Steampunk making an appearance in primetime.

What did you think of the episode? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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