90210 “Catch Me If You Cannon” Review

90210 (CW) Catch Me If You Cannon

90210 “Catch Me If You Cannon” Season 3 Episode 5 – On this week’s episode of 90210, Silver, Adrianna and Naomi try to catch Mr. Cannon in the act of seducing Silver to prove to everyone that he really did rape Naomi and Dixon deals with the possibility that he may be HIV positive.

As the title of this episode might suggest, catching Mr. Cannon in the act proved to be impossible. Silver concocted a plan whereby she would lure Mr. Cannon to a hotel room with the ruse of working on her project and the story that her place was being fumigated. The girls set up a web cam to capture everything and Naomi and Adrianna were in the next room to stop whatever may happen. Unfortunately the only thing that happened was that Silver was confronted by Mr. Cannon, the principal, and the school therapist. Mr. Cannon is not stupid and could probably smell that set up a mile away. Of course he turned it on Silver who could not admit Naomi’s rape. Although Mr. Cannon thinks he has won, I think this is only round one and he is in a world of trouble once the girls get it right.

Dixon is trying to deal with the fact that he could be HIV positive. He quickly and wisely gets tested and while he awaits the results, he blows off Ivy who is eager to have their special night together. Unfortunately, Oscar has other plans and slyly tells Ivy that he saw Dixon with Sasha the night of the auction even though Dixon told her he was sick. Around the time that Ivy confronts Dixon about Sasha, Dixon had just received a phone call that his tests results were back, but he had to come in to see the doctor. Fearing this meant he was HIV positive, Dixon tells Ivy that he still has feelings for Sasha. This sends Ivy right into the willing and waiting arms of Oscar. By the time Dixon’s doctor corrects his assumptions, it is too late. So much for being a special moment, Ivy.

Annie has been practicing giving shots to an orange in preparation for the medicine she will need to take to donate her eggs to her boss. Meanwhile, her mother, Debbie, has an interview to be an exectuive assistant for Jen of all people. Jen gives her a huge assignment to complete by the next day as a test. While attempting to learn how to insert a thumb drive, Debbie finds Annie’s needles and assumes she is on drugs. Annie finally admits what she is doing and Debbie forbids her from selling her eggs. Later, after Jen gives birth, Debbie has Annie hold the baby which makes the whole egg concept more concrete and she changes her mind.

Annie’s new man, Charlie, has decided that as much as he likes her, he needs to patch things up with Liam so they break up. Annie discovers that Liam is living in his car and tells Charlie who provides him with a prepaid hotel room that Liam then trashes. Charlie admits that he did not tell Annie the whole background story between the two. What more could be involved than credit card theft? And why is Liam mad that Charlie’s mother is rich? Although I am tired of all of these long lost relatives appearing out of nowhere, I am a bit intrigued by Charlie. Of course, after Liam trashes the hotel room and blows Charlie off, Charlie runs right back to Annie. I just don’t feel them as a couple. Something is missing there.

Debbie’s audition for the job with Jen goes well and Jen hires her. However, Deb decides the job is not for her as Jen is a spoiled brat and turns it down just as Jen goes into labor. Deb takes her to the hospital. Jen acts in her usual manner even at the hospital and then finally gets Deb to agree to work for her when the nurse refuses to help her change the baby’s diaper. Deb manages to bribe a double salary, benefits and overtime out of Jen, but somehow I still don’t think it is going to be worth it. Is parenthood going to calm Jen down? Will Deb have an influence on her at all? Can someone like Jen even change? After all, this is someone that claimed babies should not be chubby in the city of bikinis.

Finally, we are still dealing with Teddy and his newly recognized attraction to men. Teddy and Ian are in detention when the principal offers to reduce their time by half if they do some janitorial work on the gutters. Breaking the rules by going on the roof, hashing it out, and having a near falling experience bonded Teddy and Ian. Working as a team will do that. However, once back on the ground, when Ian attempts to offer Teddy support to get through his situation, Teddy flinches, declares there is no situation and runs off and into the willing arms of a female student who was throwing herself at him earlier. When Teddy is not able to perform, he blames the girl for not being hot enough.

What did you think of this week’s episode of 90210? There have been a lot of serious issues dealt with by the show recently. Right now we are not only dealing with the personal and moral issue of selling one’s eggs, but also the possibility of being HIV positive, the journey in realizing your homosexuality and accepting it, and rape and harassment by a teacher. Is 90210 getting too heavy or it is just hitting the hard issues that teens need to know about? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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