WEEDS “Gentle Puppies” Advance Review

WEEDS (Showtime) - "Gentle Puppy"

WEEDS “Gentle Puppies” Season 6 Episode 8 – Andy takes the wheel of the Botwins’ new motor home and brings them to a frontier town movie set in the “Gentle Puppies” episode of WEEDS. I had the chance to watch the episode early and I have to wonder what’s in the air lately. Glee, Modern Family, and Community tackled religion last week and now Weeds has its own, wackier, take.

This feels like another mainly filler episode, but with more wacky Andy hijinks. I tend to like Andy’s schemes anyway and this one goes just enough over the top to make me laugh. Nancy grates on my nerves more than usual this episode and I wish the writers could find a real use for Doug, but there are some funny moments in the midst of the malaise that seems to be taking over our road-weary crew.

If you enjoyed the Shane-Nancy scenes last week, you should be happy to hear they get some more one-on-one time in “Gentle Puppies,” and while it isn’t quite as touching as last week, it is meaningful, and I almost wish Nancy would listen to Shane and do what he suggests.

Silas doesn’t have a lot to do in “Gentle Puppies,” but no joke, he’s really starting to break my heart. Where he was once a delinquent, he now just longs for an ordinary life that gets farther away the longer the Botwins stay on the road, and with one simple line (incredibly well-read by Hunter Parrish), his pain is palpable. If any of the Botwins get anything resembling a happy ending when Weeds finally closes up shop, I want it to be Silas.

Andy is driving the new motor home when he’s pulled over for speeding and he apparently takes the cop’s out of nowhere question as a sign from God that he’s found his latest money-making scheme. It’s one that oddly and hilariously suits him.

Nancy is as selfish as ever, so naturally she gets rewarded with Mark Paul Gosselaar, who plays a local bar owner. Their scorching scene should re-open a long- running debate about Nancy’s nature, especially in regard to men. The rest of the episode will re-open the debate about why everyone is so loyal to her.

I haven’t talked much about the FBI interrogations that open each episode, but I’m kind of loving them because they provide such a fun look at Nancy’s life of crime and the people she`s dealt with/manipulated/been screwed by. The snippet here is my favorite to date, as we take a trip in the way back machine.

I have mixed feelings about “Gentle Puppies.” There are some enjoyable moments–especially for Nancy–and a few good laughs, but I think Weeds needs to find the Botwins a new home somewhere soon. This aimless road trip is wearing down the characters and the show. We’re past the halfway point of the season and I want to either feel Esteban breathing down Nancy’s neck or have our increasingly unhappy band of travelers settle down somewhere new and start fresh.

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