RUBICON “Wayward Sons” Review

Rubicon (AMC) - Wayward Sons

RUBICON “Wayward Sons” Season 1 Episode 12 – The episode “Wayward Sons” of RUBICON swiftly moves the plot forward in anticipation of the season finale. Kateb an American convert to Islam is the center of attention as API works with the FBI and CIA to find him and try to stop a terrorist attack.

Kale instructs Will to return to work, and brings Katherine to a safe house with Maggie for company. On separate errands for Will, both women leave the safe house against Kale’s orders.

Spangler’s gang is visibly anxious about their identities being exposed. Spangler sends Will to New Jersey with Grant, in order to question Kateb’s family and friends. At API Miles, Tanya, and Julia work to figure out Kateb’s plans. Spangler learns of Kale’s involvement in assisting Katherine. Will discovers, but too late, the connection between Bloom, Tanaz, Kateb, and Houston.

Tonight’s Rubicon presents a remarkable character analysis of an individual that hasn’t been seen at all, but has been a major force of the plot all season. We finally learn the identity of the faceless terrorist. He is a man (or a boy) who wants to belong to a group; wants to have a purpose in life; and wants to be special. But Kateb’s last American hurrah consists of watching cartoons, eating junk food, listening to classic rock, and “self-pleasuring”. I’m not sure if this paints a sad picture of a simple and vulnerable individual who is easily influenced, or if it is just a final act of the basic enjoyments of life. Either way Kateb succeeded in his mission. Now we are left with numerous questions which presumably will be answered in the finale.

What is Tom’s message in the movie Meet Me in St. Louis? Are we to take it literally? Seeing Kale rush to her aid, will Katherine make it out of her house alive? Did Spangler really rely that much on Kale? Why would Kale betray him? Is there any significance in Spangler chosing Grant to accompany Will to New Jersey? The explosion of the oil tanker suggests that Spangler’s group of bigwigs is taking advantage of vulnerabilities in the oil supply and refineries. Is it plausible for Will and Kale to take down Spangler’s powerful conspiracy? Apparently Spangler and company are in a position to profit from Kateb’s attack on the oil tanker. Even if Will and Kale find some way to expose them, what would it amount to? API is completely dispensable and easily taken down and replaced. But there is an inextricable connection between Spangler and API. Does it mean the downfall of Spangler, API, or both? Though he ends on a self-satisfied note, we momentarily see signs of doubt from a shaky Spangler. He realizes how precarious the situation is, meaning defeat is a possibility. So while Spangler wins round one, will Will/Kale win round two next week?

What are your thoughts on episode 12 “Wayward Sons” of Rubicon? What do you want to see in the final episode, especially if it is the end of the series?