Judd Nelson to Play Santa in Hallmark Channel’s CANCEL CHRISTMAS

Judd Nelson

Santa’s job is on the line in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie CANCEL CHRISTMAS. Judd Nelson will play Santa and the film will premiere sometime in 2011.

Is 30 days enough time to teach two selfish, wayward boys the importance of giving? Santa had better hope so because if it isn’t, “The Chairmen of Christmas,” his board of directors, are going to fire him because they think children have become too greedy.

Santa has until midnight, December 24 to prove the board wrong by changing the ways of two especially incorrigible boys, Farley and Steve. Carefully disguised as “Kriss,” part-time school janitor, part-time mall Santa, and with his head elf Randall along for the journey, Santa’s plan is to quash the boys’ mischievous ways with an act of kindness. Together, they will work to grant a Christmas wish for a handicapped boy and his mom and hopefully, in doing so, the boys will learn giving a gift feels just as good-if not better-than receiving one.

One by one, Farley and Steve begin to come around but everything is put in jeopardy when a news story catches on about the local mall Santa who is incredibly giving and could even be the real deal. Luckily, Santa still has a few tricks up his red velvet sleeve. Even if it takes a bona fide Christmas miracle and the ultimate act of selflessness, he will liberate Christmas from the clutches of the paranoid chairmen.

Production on Cancel Christmas has just begun in Toronto and Hallmark Channel plans to air the film in 2011, presumably around Christmas.

Can you picture Judd Nelson as Santa Claus?