FAMILY GUY “Welcome Back Carter” Reviews

Family Guy (FOX) Welcome Back Carter

FAMILY GUY “Welcome Back Carter” Season 9 Episode 3- Peter decides to blackmail his father in law after he finds him cheating on Lois’ mother.

Visiting Lois’ grandparents, Peter, bored and without any men to play with, picks up a photo album entitled Memories. This leads Lois’ mother into a story of when she first met her husband Carter. It was at the beach, back in the olden times, which we know because the screen has gone black and white. After he slaps her around, she realizes she is in love and between ‘implied’ cuddling and boat rides courtesy of black servants, all is romantic. Until war breaks out with Alaska and Carter is drafted. Their separation does not last long and he returns in time to save her from a suitor who, heaven help her, treats her with respect.

When Peter discovers Carter in bed with an Asian woman (“Do you know that Liam Neeson movie where he gets his daughter back.” “Yeah.” “Well, that was one of the girls he didn’t get back.”) he confronts Lois’ father (after many wonderful excuses including “she’s my sister” “ewww” and “she was just watching me” ewww).

After talking with Quagmire and ignoring Brian, Peter decides the only way to move forward is to blackmail Carter into threatening to reveal to his wife that her husband is cheating on her. This includes having him make Carter give him his widescreen television so he might better enjoy The Big Bang Theory and limo jousting. But he casually reveals to Babs and Lois that Carter was indeed cheating on her.

Newly single, Peter tries to take a single Carter out on the prowl which doesn’t bode well for Carter-but at least we learn where fat girls come from.

In the end, Carter returns to Babs and begs her to forgive him and yes, yes, there is a lot of camera panning in this scene.

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