Exclusive: ONE TREE HILL’s Kate Voegele Interview

Kate Voegele

ONE TREE HILL fans are very familiar with Kate Voegele, who plays singer-songwriter Mia Catalano on the CW hit drama. Life Unexpected fans will also get to know her when she brings Mia to that show Tuesday October 12 at 9pm/8 central, directly following an all new One Tree Hill.

Daemon’s TV talked to Kate, who happens to be a talented singer/songwriter in her own right, about the crossover, what we can expect from Mia this season, and what it was like to cover the One Tree Hill theme song.

There’s a fun little trip to Life Unexpected for you next week, huh?

Kate Voegele: Oh my gosh, it was so much fun. I can’t believe that it’s already here. We were up in Vancouver at the end of August shooting and I remember being like, ‘Man. October 12th, that’s far away. I can’t wait for this to air,’ and already it’s like, ‘Well, here we are.’ I’m so excited for fans to see it. I’m excited for Life Unexpected fans to see it and the new fans that are going to tune in for some music. It’s just going to be awesome.

Can you set up how Haley and Mia decide to take this trip? I understand it has something to do with a voodoo doll?

Kate Voegele: Indeed. It’s hilarious. Actually the season has been really fun because I’ve gotten to play with a lot of different scenarios and emotions that Mia hasn’t necessarily gotten to show the audience yet. So one of the things that’s in the forefront of her world this season is that he ex-boyfriend who she broke up with is now dating this new girl. Her name is Alex and she’s really pretty, really famous but she’s also kind of evil. She’s kind of rubbing it in Mia’s face that they’re dating. So, Mia basically goes nuts and makes this voodoo doll of Alex and one of the previews for Mia next week is this scene of Mia stabbing the voodoo doll and freaking out. Just pretty much she’s off her rocker. So, Haley finds Mia stabbing the voodoo doll and she’s like, ‘Listen, I’m going to take you and we’re going to go play a show somewhere, anywhere and we’re going to get you out of town because you’re going crazy.’ Mia kind of reluctantly goes with her and then the trip that they go on is to Portland to play a show for this station that’s a part of the Life Unexpected storyline. So basically Mia and Haley’s storyline is continuing through Life Unexpected. So it’s pretty awesome and it was just really exciting for me to be a part of such a unique crossover between the shows because I don’t know if stuff like this happens very often. And of all the characters on our show I was so thrilled to be one of those picked to go over to the LUX set and get to be a part of their world for a few days. So it’s going to be awesome. I can’t wait.

What was it like bringing the character of Mia to a show that has such a different look and tone to it?

Kate Voegele: It was really cool. I think the most amazing part about it was that this show, a big part of their storyline and their set is this radio station. So it was a very natural crossover. We didn’t have to force anything and then the funny thing is that in the preview for next week’s episode of Life Unexpected you see Haley and one of the Life Unexpected characters, Kate, talking about their high school pregnancies. They realized that they were both pregnant in high school by a guy named Nate who was an athlete. So it was pretty uncanny how the storylines just worked out and it was really fun to bring Mia onto that set because I think over the last couple of seasons in One Tree Hill she’s really gotten a chance to become a part of that world. So to sort of bring her into a new setting and have her interacting with those characters was really fun. It just made it all the more real because Mia’s character does go on tour all the time but the fans don’t see that and they don’t see what she does when she’s on the road and when she’s out there doing her thing. So this was kind of an extension of that. I think the fans are going to be so excited to sort of see a bit of Mia and Haley’s perspective on this other show and then they’re going to fall in love with the other show and it’s going to be awesome.

Can you say what songs that Mia is going to sing?

Kate Voegele: I don’t know if I’m allowed to say. That’s a good question. I’m going to be safe and not reveal it but it’s a really fun song and it’s upbeat and it’s kind of sassy. I think it would actually be a perfect fit for the situation that Mia is in right now in her relationship. It’s kind of a don’t mess with me song. I think that being up there on the stage playing this song, it felt so perfect for Mia in the situation that she’s been in this season. She’s going crazy but it’s really just coming from a place of being sad because she misses her boyfriend and she doesn’t want him to get brainwashed by this girl that’s kind of her nemesis. So it’s a fun song and I think that fans will like it.

I love that One Tree Hill brought back their theme song and your version of ‘I Don’t Want To Be’ is great. What was it like covering that?

Kate Voegele: It was awesome. I was so thrilled as well when I heard that they were going to do this cool thing, where they going to have everybody cover different versions of the song. I think that since my sound kind of spans, it can be really chill and signer/songwriter and just raw and organic, too, where I make a lot of music that’s really rocked out and kind of similar to the original of ‘I Don’t Want To Be’. So I kind of had to say, ‘What’s the best way for me to interpret this?’ At the end of the day I think that we kind of chose this moody, piano, sort of soulful vibe that ended up working out perfectly for me putting my spin on what’s already an amazing song. I think the way that Gavin [Degraw] does it is so emotional. I mean who hasn’t felt that way before in their life, like I don’t want to be anything other than me. It’s such a brilliant and simple idea but I think that taking it and slowing it down a little, making it a little moodier kind of brought out almost this sort of melancholy desperation in that song, too, that’s just sort of begging yourself to be okay with who you are. So it was cool to bring out those colors in what was already a very well written song. I’m really happy with it.

Can you tease Mia going forward this season in ‘One Tree Hill? Does her trip help her move forward at all?

Kate Voegele: Very much, yes. I will say that in going to Portland and getting out of One Tree Hill, Haley and Mia are great friends. Haley has always been this kind of big sister figure to Mia where a lot of times Mia comes to her with her problems whether they’re big or small and Haley, no matter what she’s going through in her life, is always able to help Mia. I think the Portland trip is huge for her. She comes back and sort of realizes that she needs to let it go a little bit and kind of approach it with a sense of humor. So the rest of the season Mia ends up stronger. It’s definitely still going to be a pretty funny love triangle. It definitely doesn’t go away but Mia’s perspective on it is a little bit better and she’s able to move on and focus on what she’s doing in her life and her projects and Red Bedroom Records. So it’s cool and it’s really an awesome way for her to get away and get some perspective. You really see the change in her when she comes back from Portland. That’ll be cool for fans to see.

Are there any other TV shows out there that you’d like to guest star on?

Kate Voegele: I’ve just totally fallen in love with the whole acting process and there are so many series that I think would be so cool to have a chance to be a part of. The one that I can’t stop watching right now is Mad Men. I would love to put on those adorable little ’60’s dresses and the lipstick. So that’s totally my someday. I’m like, ‘I have to go after that.’ But it’s a pretty tall order and that cast is pretty amazing.

One Tree Hill airs Tuesdays at 8pm/7 central and the One Tree Hill/Life Unexpected crossover will air Tuesday October 12 at 9pm/8 central. You can find all our One Tree Hill coverage here.

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