EASTBOUND & DOWN “Chapter 9” Review


EASTBOUND & DOWN “Chapter 9” Season 2 Episode 3 – Are we all ready to go on an Hispanic adventure with Kenny Powers? I know I am. With Stevie back in his sidekick role. Kenny can focus on bigger and better things, like scoring some much needed audience participation from Charros fans. His publicity posters were taken down and now Stevie is left in charge of promotion, dubbing Kenny the “White Flame.” Powers and Co. hope that his luck will change with the fans at an autograph event at a grocery story — sadly his mariachi getup ain’t drawing in the crowds, but he does get to rekindle his flame with Vida. She accompanies him to Sebastian’s yacht party and he accidentally meets her teenage son the next morning after he spends the night. His discussion of Vida’s private areas with her son while he is watching a ten-year-old science program is genius, but too dirty to repeat here. The idea of Kenny trying to be a father figure to anyone, especially a Mexican teenager, is golden.

Stevie encounters Kenny’s old gang while fixing his car as they stop by to tell Kenny, or Steve to them, about Eduardo Sanchez’s location. Stevie wants to know who this Sanchez character is after the gang tricks Kenny into spending $40 on a phonebook, and it turns out that other than prostitutes and booze, Eduardo is the main reason that Kenny ventured down to Mexico. We don’t learn much more than that so I can only dream where this will end up going. Down and out, Kenny can’t pump up the Charros fans with his baseball stats, but he did bring them to their feet with the brawl he incited on the field. Finally, Kenny can get some respect around there. With the development of Eduardo Sanchez and Kenny finally having fans, this season is turning in just the right direction.

The idea of Kenny and Stevie going on a quest in Mexico is delicious for any Eastbound & Down viewer. So to see him not only mentoring Vida’s son inappropriately throughout his “relationship” with her coupled with him and Stevie searching for Sanchez all over Mexico is perfection. This season has moved on past just the inappropriate jokes into interesting territory. The first season had us see what happens to a once famous, now floundering Major Leaguer when he returns home to live with that shame. The second season is showing the evolution of what can happen to loser when he changes his location in hopes of a better score. Kenny is such an amazing anti-hero that it is just too much fun watching him repeatedly lose over and over again. Not sure who Sanchez is, and what he will bring to Kenny and Co., but I am certainly stoked to see what happens.