Desperate Housewives (ABC) Truly Content

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES “Truly Content” Season 7 Episode 3- Tom is depressed, Gabby’s upset, Bree is yellow and Susan is a hooker.

Lynette is annoyed that Tom is taking presecription drugs but he’s fine and he’s drowning himself in Pink Floyd and cheese puffs. Tom offers Carlos some stress relief drugs but Lynette swaps the drugs. Tom goes bonkers, Lynette is annoyed, but Tom comes to his sense.

Meanwhile Bree and Renee get close…but not as close as Renee and Keith, whom Renee goes home with. Keith has broken up with his girlfriend and Bree sabotages her water sprinklers to get him over. This leads her to invite him to dinner. The only good thing about her plot is that she screws Renee over and now Renee wants vengeance. Let’s face it: no one does vengeance like Vanessa Williams.

Susan meanwhile is still at her housecleaning porn, which is almost too boring for words. She is outraged when another girl steals her bit (sucking off her apron with her vaccuum) which leads her to a catfight with the girl and eventually she decides that she should splurge less and save more. Really? This is her storyline?

Paul’s newest wife proves to be one of the creepiest characters, which in fairness is to be expected: she did married a convicted murderer.

Gabby meanwhile has the only storyline that is actually moving anywhere. Without Carlos’ input, she searches for her biological doctor with Bob’s help who finds her. When Carlos finds out he is furious; he tells Gabby what her lawyer really should have told her-that they can take Juanita from them. he warns Gabby that if it goes badly and they want to exchange Juanita (no!) with their daughter, he and Gabby are through.

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