CSI: MIAMI “Sudden Death” Review

CSI: MIAMI (CBS) Sudden Death

CSI: MIAMI “Sudden Death” Season 9 Episode 2 – The technology used on CSI: MIAMI is something that will never cease to amaze me. While I grasp the concept of “it’s a TV show”, Miami seems to have a LOT of space age technology at their disposal! It’s a crime thriller, not sci-fi.

In “Sudden Death”, we’re shown a projection computer that can magically read lost text messages (I may have missed a vital piece of information with this. Could Boa Vista just not access the text menu of the phone? Explanation please!), a C4 test of grapes to discover the year of the champagne that killed their victim, it all seemed a little over the top. But I digress.

I’m apparently picking apart the technological aspect because this was a typical, run of the mill CSI episode.

Elite club, pretty girl found dead, rising sport star on the line for it; and then in true CSI: Miami fashion, nothing is what it seems. Even the sleazy club owner (who I had pegged as the killer from her introduction) wasn’t guilty, the agent was innocent, and the football player hadn’t killed Kristen (Nicole Taylor) either!

Eventually, thanks to confetti found in the victim’s lung, the killer is exposed (it was my second guess!) and threatened by Horatio (David Caruso) for being horrible to women.

Anyone else see a theme with Horatio? He’s been like this since the first season, and while I appreciate the compassion, exactly HOW many women is Horatio going to “save”? It seems like every damsel in distress that crosses his path ends up part of the Horatio Caine “I can help you” Foundation.

Out of a rating of 5, this episode would scrape by with a 3. We’ve been there, done that, and while the formula of the show can’t be derived from too much, a little mix up for the sake of interesting television would be nice.

What are your thoughts?

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