BOARDWALK EMPIRE “Anastasia” Review

Boardwalk Empire Episode 4 (HBO)

BOARDWALK EMPIRE “Anastasia” Season 1 Episode 4- Who would have thought that the princess of Russia would make a perfect metaphor for Boardwalk Empire’s duplicitous characters. Anna Anderson’s true identity was revealed as fraudulous. No one can keep up charades forever.

Jimmy now resides in Chicago, working with Al Capone, his wife out of his mind. His latest squeeze did not have the most likable first scene-lying awake beside him, she watches silently as Al Capone presses a gun to Jimmy’s head. Luckily it was a blank, but I have to say her next scene with Jimmy was such a lovely one. I don’t think Michael Pitt has acted so good before the scene where they discuss California and Broken Blossoms. If anyone has seen the film The Dreamers, which stars Michael Pitt as an American cinephile in Paris, this scene resonated with that Bernardo Bertolucci movie beautifully.

Unfortunately, she is targetted and her face is sliced.

Jimmy’s son and wife may be gone from his life, but they are not forgotten from the show. When his mother takes care of his son, a man comes looking for his friend “James.” “His friends call him Jimmy.” His mother sends him away with his tail between his legs, but he sticks around outside and follows her to her em…worklplace.

Eli, at the strong behest of Nucky, storms a Ku Klux Klan meeting and arrests the leader (you know, the one at the podium, in the purple robes).

I’d like to see a slightly more human side to Al Capone. Not a contrived ‘penny for the poor’ but just something that doesn’t makes him look like a panto villain.

Chalky and the leader of the Ku Klux Klan. Michael Kenneth Williams absolutely kills his monologue. When asked about the tools he has, he replies, “Well, I ain’t building no bookcase.” He soon decides that the leader of the Ku Klux Klan had no role in the lynching of his employee.

At Nucky’s birthday party we get some really funny jokes: “What do you tell a woman with two black eyes? Nothing! She’s already been told, twice!” and a visit from Margaret Shroeder.

Margaret then has a smack down the senator and his sexist views. Okay, a very mild smack down, but it was better than Lucy’s answer on the League of Nations, which was essentially: “I like Paris.” Margaret and Nucky dance. She leaves, not quite in time to see his squeeze pop out of a cake wearing rose petals and little else.

The New Yorker looking for Jimmy confronts his mother. She tells him to wait for her. Margaret watches Nucky and Lucy from the window the clothes store before steeling a slip and walking down the boardwalk.

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