THE X FACTOR UK “Results Show 1” Review

X Factor Results Show 1

THE X FACTOR UK “Results Show 1” – No matter how cynical I am, I can’t quash the excitement I feel as Voiceover Man announces the judges and Carmina Burana starts up with the billion epileptic-inducing lights as the four judges strut out.

Granted, about an hour was filler of clips from last night’s episode of the ‘drama’. There really wasn’t much drama-unless Simon criticising Storm Lee for being a failed rock star constitutes as drama. Really, love was all around.

Unfortunately this did not help the group performance of We Are the Music, which was dire and dull.

The performances are by Usher (I think the dancer/singer criticism for FYD would apply to this performance) and Joe (BLEH). Let’s face it, last year’s X Factor was not the best and Joe, with his forgettable falsetto single Ambitions, is more Leon than Alexandra (or Leona or Diana or JLS).

It is a double elimination which means the person with the fewest amount of votes leaves the competition immediately whilst the second and third lowest vote getters are in the traditional X Factor sing-off.

Nicolo Festa is first to be eliminated. “I feel like crap” he tells Dermot. Watching the video of his time on The X Factor, I came to like Nicolo in those thirty seconds far more than I ever did during the course of the series: not once did he fake a false smile. I think I missed his humor all along.

Now the showdown between FYD and Katie Waissal. FYD sings Please Don’t Stop the Music, which is ironic and needy and their singing is pretty bad. Katie sings Don’t Let Me Down, and she’s fantastic. Simon sends home Katie and the other three (after some senseless preamble courtesy of Louis) send home FYD. Katie should lose her contrived quirkiness and just concentrate on her really lovely voice. Diana Vickers was quirky but you never saw her wearing a garbage bag.

I’m not particularly disappointed by the departure of FYD, but I am surprised at how much I’ll miss Nicolo. What did you think of the results? Were the right choices made? Sound off in the comments below!

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