THE AMAZING RACE “In Phil We Trust” Recap


THE AMAZING RACE “In Phil We Trust” Season 17 Episode 3 – We stay in Ghana for the “In Phil We Trust” episode of THE AMAZING RACE and most of the teams have more than a little trouble at an elementary school.

Last legs winners’ Brook and Clair get their clue first and hop into a cab to go to the Akotoku Boxing Academy. If possible, Brook gets even more excited when she finds out about the boxing since she and Claire train at a boxing gym.

Roadblock: Racers must properly suit up, including wrapping their hands, hit a punching bag for sixty seconds and jump rope for sixty seconds under the watchful eye of a trainer. When they do it to the trainer’s satisfaction, they get their next clue. Brook takes it and has no problem finishing quickly, even taking some time to flirt with her trainer. Rachel finishes next, then Chad (who tangles himself in the rope when he tries to show off-hee!), Connor, Kevin, Gary, Vicky, Thomas, and Nat. It’s a remarkably straightforward and simple task, lulling us into a false sense of security.

From the boxing academy, teams travel by cab to the Supply Depot, and as always, there are cab issues. Brook and Clair get stuck in a yak crossing, and Connor and Jonathan are able to take advantage. They have either endeared themselves to their cab driver Samson with their songs or annoyed him to the point he wants to ditch them. Either way, he passes the shopping hosts and gets Connor and Jonathan to the Supply Depot with a good lead. Chad and Stephanie get stuck behind Rachel and Nat whose cab driver hasn’t even found the Boxing Academy yet, leading Stephanie to snarl “dumb doctor.” Nat and Kat have bad cab mojo all day.

Next task: The teams need to fill a pair of wheelbarrows with one bag of concrete, two bricks, two brooms, two trowels, and two scrapers and take it all to the Asebidia Primary School. Perfect place, since so many teams have a problem reading the clue. Brook and Claire and Michael and Kevin take only one wheelbarrow, while Katie and Rachel, who called Michael and Kevin idiots, forget the trowels. Nick and Vicky bring two bags of concrete, causing Nick’s first ugly meltdown of the day.

Pop Quiz: Fabulous twist. Each team has to join a class and find Ghana on the map. It takes Connor and Jonathan way too many tries, but they still have a comfortable lead when done. Only Gary, Chad, and Nat actually find Ghana on the first try.

Detour: Bicycle Parts or Language Arts: In Bicycle Parts, teams must roll a bicycle wheel with a stick across a soccer field. Each team member must make two passes. In Language Arts, we have a word search problem. Each team gets a piece of paper with bolded code words. They must find the giant decoder on the side of the school building, find the Adrinka language symbols that correspond to their phrases, and go to the other side of the building and circle their symbols on a ginormous map of symbols. Connor and Jonathan, Chad and Stephanie, Brook and Claire, Jill and Thomas, Katie and Rachel, Michael and Kevin, and Nat and Kat all pick Language Arts, but only Connor and Jonathan actually find the decoder and their symbols. Everyone else just stares at the map and randomly circles stuff. Well, Brook and Claire first try circling random children–and others follow suit–but eventually figure out that isn’t right. The kids all have appropriately freaked-out expressions. Snort.

Only Gary and Mallory and Nick and Vicky initially choose Bicycle Parts, but soon everyone (except Connor and Jonathan who are sound asleep at the Pit Stop) switches over. Awesomely, they all pass by the decoder as they head to the soccer field and don’t notice it. Most of the teams do fine with the bicycle wheel, but Nick has horrifying meltdown number two which only ends when Vicky has an asthma attack. Michael has the worst time. I’m not sure if it’s the heat or his other health issues, but he collapses and needs medical attention. He does end up finishing, though, and I’m a little misty.

Pit Stop: Home of Awusa Ntso : Connor and Jonathan are a very strong first and win $5,000 each. Gary and Mallory are second, Chad and Stephanie third, Rachel and Katie fourth, Nick and Vicky fifth, Brook and Claire sixth, Jill and Thomas seventh, and Nat and Kat eighth. Michael and Kevin come in last, but–thank you, The Amazing Race–it’s a non-elimination leg, and I couldn`t be happier. Michael was so despondent when he thought they had lost, so even though their elimination is inevitable, I’m glad to see it delayed. Big surprise of the night: the teams will be back at the school in the morning to do renovate some classrooms. Love that!

Kind of a crazy leg where some seemingly straightforward things cause endless problems. Teams not finding the decoder during Language Arts was unbelievable. They looked in textbooks, but it was a huge honking cloth hanging on the school wall just like the actual map was. I was actually yelling “Turn around!” at the TV. There are still a lot of teams I like, though Connor and Jonathan definitely top the list. Nick and Vicky are the ones I want eliminated next. I hate nasty and Nick was really nasty tonight.

What did you think of the episode? How awesome is it that the teams will be doing work at the school during the pit stop? And on a purely selfish note, why can’t football games finish in their allotted three hours so primetime shows can start on time?

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