MERLIN “The Crystal Cave” Review

MERLIN The Crystal Cave (BBC)

MERLIN “The Crystal Cave” Season 3 Episode 5- It is Morgana’s birthday in this episode of Merlin and she is feeling quite…murderous. Running away from bandits, Arthur and Merlin find themselves in the Valley of Fallen Kings. Arthur trips and falls. There is an arrow in his back.

“What was that?” Arthur gasps.
“An arrow.”
“As long as it wasn’t something terrible.” He whispers before fainting.

Merlin removes the arrow and tries to heal the wound with magic. A man appears and suddenly this has become very much like that Daniel Radcliffe episode of Extras. The man heals Arthur’s wounds with magic.

The man brings Merlin into a cave, the eponymous Crystal Cave. It is where magic began. Within the Crystal Cave he sees flashes of the future; including Morgana sitting on the throne, Morgana drawing a dagger, a horse rearing on its hind legs as Morgana tries to calm it down, blood (or wine) dripping down fingers, Uther asleep whilst Morgana stabs him, Merlin himself screaming.

Merlin decides to watch Morgana 24/7. This includes following her to the Darkwood Forest when she goes to meet Morgause. When he tries to stop her he accidentally knocks her down a flight of stairs; her skull breaks.

I am so not sympathising with Merlin. Uther persecuted and killed men, women and children because they had magic. If Morgana revealed her true magical abilities Uther would kill her or, if he was merciful, banish her.

Uther wants Gaius to use any means necessary to cure Morgana; even sorcery.

Merlin goes to the dragon to ask him for a cure to save Morgana. When the dragon refuses to save Morgana, Merlin commands him to save her. The dragon instils Merlin with the power to save Morgana Boo yah.

Morgana tries to convince Uther to adopt her but he refuses. Morgause meets Morgana who reveals that she previously overheard Uther and knows she is his real daughter. Furious that he disowned her, she fights with Merlin and enters Uther’s bedchambers.

I must say; this scene, for the music and direction and climbing tension was absolutely excellent. Just like this episode.

What did you think? And whose side are you on, Merlin’s or Morgana’s? Let me know in the comments below!

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