THE X FACTOR UK “Live Show 1” Review

X Factor Live Show 1

THE X FACTOR UK “Live Show 1” Review- The live shows are finally upon us and they are like no other live show in the history of The X Factor. Cue wildcard slots. This year every judge gets to choose one contestant to return from reject’s oblivion. On paper this seems like a great idea; watching the four performances from Paije, Treyc, Wagner and Diva Fever was like listening to a jackhammer for hours on end.

Without further ado, let me get on to the performances.


Cher Lloyd: She sang Dub Be Good To Me by Beats International. I’d never heard of the song before tonight. To sum it up, she killed it. All of the judges said she had incredible stage presence and I completely agree. Her rap bit was excellent and she looks like she has a few dance moves. I can’t wait until they whittle down the contestants so she’ll have more time with the coaches to hopefully pull out a full on routine.

Katie Waissel: Queen’s We Are The Champions was not decimated by her vocals, but by the visuals. What was she wearing? Why were there two painted men sitting at her keyboard stand?

Rebecca Ferguson: She sang Womack and Womack’s Footsteps. As soon as Dermot started asking her questions I zoned out. Then I started to write what I thought of her performance and realized I had completely forgotten it. Don’t get me wrong: she sang it incredibly well. I just think the song is bland. The judges love her; Simon sees she has great potential to surprise us one week but he wants her to stop being gloomy.

Treyc Cohen: U2’s Once is graced by Miss Cohen. I loved hair; I loved her ferocity, I love the song.


One Direction: They sing Coldplay’s Viva La Vida. They’re cute. They’ve all got really nice hair.

Diva Fever: They sing Sunny, and unlike last year’s Jedward, they can actually sing. If they go home tomorrow I probably won’t tear up.

FYD: Billionaire by Travie McCoy. Snore.

Belle Amie: They sing Airplanes by B.O.B featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore. Was the volume turned down? They cannot harmonize, and I fear they’ll be heading home first.


Mary Byrne: Singing James Brown’s This Is A Man’s World, I think the twelve hour applause and cheering after she’d finished says it all.

John Adeleye: Her performs Mariah Carey’s One Sunny Day; the crowd are waving, his voice is very romantic. It was a good performance.

Storm Lee: He sings Starship’s We Built This City. His hair is currently hot pink. His backup dancers look so cool. He has a really good voice and though I’m not particularly fond of the song his performance is quite fine.

Wagner: He sings a mashup of Love Shack and She Bangs. It’s fun and entertaining. My favorite part was the extreme closeup of back up dancer slapping her ass. Classy.


Nicolo Festa: He sings Lady Gaga’s Just Dance. I think she has officially been covered in every single episode of The X Factor. He keeps trying to get a long note into the song, which just is not happeni-oh, never mind. He squeezes it in. Cheryl doesn’t love it, Simon likes it better than his first audition.

Aiden Grimshaw: A very intense, brilliant rendition of Tears for Fears Mad World. Simon called it his favorite performance of the night.

Matt Cardle: He sings that song When Love Takes Over. At first he looks like someone’s glued his eyelids to his brow. The judges LOVE him. I’m more shocked by what he looks like without the hat.

Paije Richardson: Killing Me Softly With Her Song. Simon does not like his jacket. If you’ve ever seen the film About A Boy, this song has been forever ruined. When I hear it all I can think of is Countdown and suicidal yet humorous mothers of young depressant teens. He sang it well. But the song choice was terrible.

What did you think of the first live shows? Who are your favorites and least favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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