SUPERNATURAL “The Third Man” Review

Supernatural "The Third Man" Review

SUPERNATURAL “The Third Man” Season 6 Episode 3 – Cas finally returns and the boys are happy, if a little confused, to see him. Sam has been calling and calling for Cas since the moment he popped up topside and never get a response. So when the angel appears the moment Dean calls, he’s a little hurt. The boys call their favorite winged friend because they are dealing with a case where people are dying in very biblical ways. One man turns to blood, another is struck with a serious case of boils and finally another is plagued by locusts.. inside his body.

They brothers track the cause to a young boy who obtained the staff of Moses by trading his soul with an angel. Cas has never seen anything like it and the reason he never answered Sam was that he didn’t know why Sam was saved and he’s also been fighting his own battles in heaven. Rahpael the archangel is back and, always a purist, wants the Apocalypse back on as planned. Cas takes a temporary break from the battle to help the boys and they find an old friend of Cas’, Balthazar, as the one trading weapons for souls. When Rahpael shows up too, Balthazar saves Cas’ life and Cas returns the favor by releasing him from the holy fire that Sam and Dean use to make him give the boy’s soul back.

My favorite bits..

Knowing Dean was really back when I saw him sleeping in the Impala again.

Okay, I gotta say it. How can I not put it on my list? Sam’s body. There. Need I say more? Really?

Dean telling Ben he knew he lying and to admit he broke the thing and take his punishment like a man. So in love with him acting like a father.

Dean calling Sam’s car a “plastic piece of crap”. Not sure I’d refer to a Charger that way, but then again all other vehicles pale in comparison to Dean’s baby.

This bit – Sam: “Were you just racing me?” Dean: “No.. I was kicking your ass.”

Covering my eyes so I didn’t have to see the locusts crawling out of the cop’s head. Ick!

Dean praying to Castiel to get his “feathery ass down here”.

Sam asking “he’s standing behind me, isn’t he?” – Okay so how many other NCIS fans immediately thought of Gibbs when he said that?

Cas saying that he and Dean share a “more profound bond”. Oh man, I think I just heard all the Dean/Cas fangirls squee with joy all at once.

Cas asking “what part of ‘I don’t know’ escapes your understanding?” – Whoa, badass Cass, very badass.

Cas saying that they could rule out Moses as a suspect.

Cas’ completely wrong use of “quotey fingers” as he tried to explain how his “people skills” were “rusty” after spending the last year as a multi-dimensional wavelength of celestial intent.

The argument over tracking the angel who took the boy’s soul – Dean is understandably disturbed at the idea of torturing a kid, Cas has to do it and can’t afford to care and Sam just wants to get the deed done.

The awesome shot they did by panning up from Cas getting up off of Sam’s completely totaled car to the boys standing in the window.

Dean pointing out the upside to Cas being thrown out a four story window… Sam’s car was destroyed. LOL.

Dean and Cas playing “Who’s on first?”. LOL!

Cas walking into a.. disco?

Agreeing with Cas, that was a really bad joke.

Balthazar telling Cas that he was following Cas’ footsteps, by rebelling the way he did when he stopped the fight between Lucifer and Michael.

Raphael showing up and kicking Cas’ ass literally all over the room. and even down some stairs. Poor Cas!

Balthazar saving the day by turning Raphael’s vessel to salt. Nice.

Cas saying “I believe the ‘hairless ape’ has the floor”.

Finally finding out why an angel would wants souls – for the power.

Sam finding Ben’s Halloween costume – a wendigo mask that Dean obviously made.

Dean pointing out that Sam is different after his trip to hell and Sam trying to say that he’s okay after his trip downstairs as it didn’t torture him the way it did Dean. Oh man, I so can’t wait to get that whole story.

Overall I’m liking this new season of Supernatural, it’s just taking me a little bit to get used to the differences in Sam and Dean. Bringing back Cas helped a lot and I’m thinking this season may be more about him and his battles with heaven, but we’ll have to wait and see.

What did you think of the episode? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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