SMALLVILLE “Supergirl” Review

Smallville (CW) Supergirl

SMALLVILLE “Supergirl” Season 10 Episode 3- Smallville fans relax: put down those torches and pitch forks! It is okay: Cat Grant has gone to Alaska to chill with Palin and dog sleigh races. And Lois has returned from her weird stint in Africa.

Kara is back and she is here to save the world since Jor-El does not believe Clark/Kal-El is capable of doing so. He’s even disowned Clark, which is rather mean. Clark is feeling insecure; as we’ve watched him grow through the past nine and a bit seasons, from Lana to Lois, from Lex to Zod and now Darkseid, we’ve seen his anguish and trials as he has tried to become Superman, the hero Lois considers him to be, the hero Metropolis needs. This episode explored that further; Kara, more his mentor/mother than his cousin, questions how, after so long on earth, he is still unable to fly. She tries to give him lessons, to no avail.

Meanwhile Darkseid has possessed Gordon Godfrey, a hero-hating radio broadcaster. Kara warns Clark that if Darkseid possesses him, he will become the greatest weapon the world has ever known.

Lois is hot on Godfrey’s tail. When she discovers that he plans to release the Green Arrow’s identity she plans to stop him; in a strip club she takes some compromising photos and thankfully sends the pictures to her editor immediately-I thought he would take the phone from her and crush it, so let’s cheer she had the gumption to do that. Darkseid takes over, and Lois, em, gets tied up. It is a credit to Erica Durance’s wilful performance that Lois is not some helpless bimbo. Even though she has to be rescued almost every episode, she could never be thought of as a weak character. Plus, her performance almost always shifts the solemnity of the Clark (and more recently Oliver’s) storylines into a more humorous and upbeat tempo and for that she is invaluable.

When Clark confronts Darkseid, Kara intervenes, explaining that Darkseid cannot possess someone with clarity of purpose. Kara is that someone. Clark has yet to become such a person.

“This has gone on long enough.” Oliver says to Lois, right before he reveals to the world his superhero identity. This has gone on long enough. Please, Clark, please tell Lois you’re identity! It’s killing me!

What did you think of this episode? I thought it was (yes, I’m going to say it, don’t laugh!) super. Heh. Sound off in the comments below!

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