MEDIUM “Means and Ends” Review

Medium "Means and Ends" CBS

MEDIUM “Means and Ends” Season 7 Episode 3- After appearing too briefly in the first two episodes of the seventh season Lee Scanlon is front and center in a powerful episode rife with moral dilemmas. His older brother also makes an appearance as a ghost haunting him. Meanwhile, Ariel’s Dartmouth roommate gives her a ring which is rather surprising; especially when it turns out she’s been dead for eleven years.

It started off with Scanlon sitting outside of a house. Inside the house a man is assaulting his wife and son. As soon as the altercation gets physical Scanlon hops out of his car to stop it. This is all well and good; until Scanlon starts beating the man in front of his wife and son. The man is scum. He deserves a beating, sure. But this episode of Medium was about the center ground between right and wrong. Had Scanlon arrested the man he would have returned to assaulting his wife and son the minute he got out of jail. But was he right to beat the man up in front of his wife and son?

Was he right to let his brother die? His brother, a serial rapist and murderer, was to be murdered; Allison warned Scanlon and yet with ample time, he allowed his brother to die. His brother’s death meant that no more innocent women were raped and murdered. But Medium asks if that Scanlon’s decision to make. When he tells Allison that he allowed his brother to die she is horrified. I was so impressed with the characterization. Allison so firmly (and understandably) believes her dreams are there so she can intervene and change fate; when she learns Scanlon ignored her dream and wilfully let his brother die she tells him their friendship is over. She does not try to justify his actions for she cannot understand them.

Ariel meanwhile is having problems with her roommate. When she calls Ariel and suggests they should buy a car and drive to Dartmouth together (cue my favourite line from the wonderful Bridgette DuBois: “This is my favorite part, where you say something so dumb that no one knows what to say. I’m going to miss this.”) she defies her parents and goes car hunting anyways. This leads her to a house where, through the glass door she sees a girl’s face being shoved against it before it is covered with a cloth. The girl was abducted by her uncle who kept her locked up in some dank garage. Her uncle was the perfect amount of creepy.

I really don’t understand why Medium is not on a better time slot, why it is not one of the top most viewed shows. In its seventh season it’s easily one of the top three crime dramas out there.

What did you think of this episode? What’s your take on Scanlon’s decisions? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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