CSI: NY “Damned If You Do” Review

CSI NY "Damned If You Do"

CSI: NY “Damned If You Do” Season 7 Episode 3- Well, the writers of CSI: NY certainly upped their game this week. As a hotshot young man (Billy) pours red wine into a beautiful girl’s mouth, a drop splashes onto her cheek, dribbles down and becomes blood dripping on the floor from trembling fingers. These fingers clutch a phone, dial 911, and then the woman falls unconscious. The entire intro was stylistically executed; the music (a more techno version of Phil Collin’s In the Air Tonight) was an inspired choice.

As Mac arrives on the scene to find an elderly couple battered-the man to death, the woman to near-death, he has the woman identify her son as the assailant by moving her finger up and down. The son, the aforementioned hotshot Billy, is soon arrested. Even though the CSI team are convinced of his guilt, the viewers aren’t. Soon holes are popped through the case and Mac eventually considers that he was wrong. Had something like this occurred in the real world: an affluent, respectable couple beaten savagely, their son arrested and charged based on questionable evidence, a media frenzy would have ensued and Mac would probably be facing demotion or job loss, if not at the very least scandal. But this is a minor quibble.

A Riker’s inmate confession turns out to be bogus, though it did provide and interesting storyline. Eventually the case is solved, bypassing the standard Ten-Little-Indians scenario of trying to guess who out of the half dozen suspects in guilty. A man who grew up in the same house and whose parents testified against him when he was accused of rape returned to exact vengeance on his parents: except he did not realise that they had moved homes after sending their darling little rapist to prison.

I thought it was a brilliant episode; Sela Ward’s Jo feels like she’s been a part of the CSI: NY team since the very beginning.

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