BLUE BLOODS “Privilege” Review

Blue Bloods "Privilege" Review

BLUE BLOODS “Privilege” Season 1 Episode 3 – Someone is on a sexual assault rampage on women at a college campus. He starts out only attacking and running away, but builds up to rape and the clues point to the son of the Deputy Counsel of Argentina who has full diplomatic immunity. The mayor wants to sweep it all under the rug by making the story public and embarrassing the diplomats into going home, which will take them out of his jurisdiction and making it no longer his problem.

Frank and Danny enlist the help of Erin to get the guy in custody and thanks to a purposely “broken” air conditioner, they manage to get his DNA and prove he committed the rape. But when Danny spots the same tattoo on the arm of one of the other victim’s boyfriend, he finds out that the whole thing was part of a hazing. Each kid was supposed to just take a girl’s panties, but the diplomat’s son decided to take it a step further. None of them stopped him and all are accessories to aggravated rape. Knowing they can’t convict the boy in the US, Frank sends his DNA to Argentina and it turns out he raped and beat another girl there too. When threatened with the idea of sending his son to the most notorious jail in their county, the father waives his son’s immunity so he can be tried in a US court.

My favorite bits..

Jamie getting lessons from grandpa on how to flip a baton, and smacking himself in the head with it.

Erin telling Jamie that her mom always said that a woman could never compete with a badge and a gun.

Jamie being taught the art of doing nothing. also known as observing.

Danny telling the guy that when he caught him, he was gonna break his other leg and then throwing an umbrella at him to bring him down.

Frank appealing to the diplomat, father to father, to waive his son’s immunity.

Frank using the coffee cup to get DNA from the father. Brilliant.

Jamie spotting a suspicious looking guy and making his first gun collar. Guess those lessons in observation are working.

The girl’s father threatening to do something about the kid, even if Danny couldn’t.

Syd and Danny arguing the pros and cons of diplomatic immunity.

Danny talking down the father by pointing out that he needed to be around for his daughter and not locked away in jail.

This line: “Like when I get to see the look of love in a wrangler’s eye the day I make some spoiled rich kid his new cell mate”. Cold, but totally awesome.

Totally knowing the reason Danny made the kid sweat was to get his DNA.

Finding out that the boyfriend and his friends sat in the truck and watched while Sebastian rapes that one girl and enjoying watching Danny take them all away.

Jamie asking his grandpa about the Templar.

Danny taking off the scumbag’s sunglasses and getting to walk him proudly past the father of the raped girl and into the precinct.

Everyone patting Frank on the back after he said “if you want a pack on the back, don’t become a cop”. LOL.

Overall another good episode of Blue Bloods. I am still enjoying the mix of family drama and cop drama and found this week’s case particularly interesting.

What did you think of the episode? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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