THE LEAGUE “The Klunberg” Review


THE LEAGUE “The Klunberg” Season 2 Episode 4 – THE LEAGUE has been able to do what a lot of other shows about “guys” couldn’t. And that is talk about friendship without an unease. It’s not overt and it’s subtle, but it’s so interesting to see a group of adult men talk about the boundaries of true friendship under the guise of a fantasy football league.

The guys can’t help but be honest when Andre shows them his Klunberg painting, which he spent $25K on. To the guys, it looks like a butt and penis, but to Andre it’s a mark that he is better than the rest of the league. Andre’s lack of confidence has been the focus of many of the episodes, as it’s so common to have a person you are friends with, who you generally like, but you aren’t like. The one who seemingly goes out of their way to make it easy for you to make fun of them, and while you really don’t want to it just happens.

On the other hand, there are always people in your life that you don’t like, can’t stand and are stuck with forever because they are family or close to your close friends. And that’s where Rolfe comes in. He’s loud, gross, inconsiderate and just freaking creepy and you can’t get rid of him. Rolfe, Ruxin’s brother-in-law, joined the league and has been making everyone miserable. So they decide that they will fake a fight to fake breaking up the league as to not offend Rolfe, but just to get rid of him. Unfortunately, the fight gets real between Pete and Andre, who gets offended when he is told he has no taste, and Rolfe is still making deals and stealing sips of beer. All the while Taco is addicted to a toilet seat he found in a dumpster when Kevin and Jenny ran into old friend Russell, played by the lovingly sleazy Rob Huebel, who just so happens to be a sex addict. Jenny finally gets to join a fantasy league when Russell invites her into his, but Kevin is convinced its just a ruse to sleep with her. Sadly, she doesn’t stir the addiction in him and he has to get his “fix” somewhere else.

Rolfe finds Taco’s toilet seat made out of coke, gets his fix on and finally quits the league. The guys don’t want him to get into too much trouble, so they follow him only to find him helping Russell out with his fix. Oh man. Rolfe rolling down the window of Russell’s car while they are “getting to know each other” in the back seat is amazing. The League continues to impress me and I appreciate that I don’t know exactly where the chaos is going to go in a given episode. Since Pete divorced in last season, I would definitely like to see a bit more on his dating and relationship life. But I really dig that Kevin and Jenny have this realistic couple experience on the show, where they fight but it’s only because they dig each other that much. There is still so much more to tap into with each of these folks, and it’s important it continues to move past just the fantasy league plot, as many of us watching might not care as much about football as we do the characters.