THE GOOD GUYS “Little Things” Review

THE GOOD GUYS (FOX) Little Things

THE GOOD GUYS “Little Things” Season 1 Episode 12 – One of Jack and Dan’s junior police officers puts them on the trail of an identity thief and Mexican drug dealers in the “Little Things” episode of THE GOOD GUYS. Ruiz puts Jack and Dan in charge of a group of junior police officers for a week, much to Jack’s discomfort and Dan‘s glee. When one of the kids catches a guy committing unlawful violence to a bike, spitting a public loogie, and stealing mail, Jack and Dan have their latest big case.

Hello, Newman. Wayne Knight does a nice job as poor, sad model train-loving Perry the county records clerk. The Muzak he has to listen to might drive me to become a crimey bastard, too. Dan has no sympathy for him, though. “Ears grow back. That was factory-original glass. Son of a bitch!“ Ha! Danny Trejo makes a hilarious bad guy, shocking exactly no one, and he has a mustache to rival Dan’s. Silas Weir Mitchell has almost too much fun as the disgusting Vic. “You scratch my back, I eat your cheese, maybe sleep in your bed.” I love that he calls Perry Perrier.

Watch out, Dallas. There’s going to be a whole cadet class of Dan Starks in about ten years. “Let’s go shape the crap out of some destinies.” The kid scenes are pretty darn adorable, and I understand why Dan inspires so many to become cops. His speech about driving as fast as you can and seeing movies for free had me just about ready to sign up and his Nerf gun as he sends his junior officers through the obstacle course is awesome. And how adorable is he as he beams with pride over Teddy‘s stake-out info? “I just wanna wrap him up in tin foil and put him in my pocket.” Too bad Jack’s right that it’s probably illegal. Jack is way out of his element and he’s quite the buzz kill until he sees how cool the kids actually are. His heart-to-heart with Teddy is surprisingly sweet and even wise.

If you’re going to have product placement, I think I’d rather it be totally and ridiculously blatant like it is here with the KFC Doublicious. “Just because I don’t respect you doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. Tell me about your lunch.” Words to live by, and they couldn’t be said to a nicer guy.

Jack and Liz continue their dance, with Liz as the aggressor yet again. How the tables have turned since the beginning of the season when Jack was bordering on pathetic stalker. They bond over kids, and I can totally see Jack reaming a child over a puka shell necklace. Once again, Dan ruins a moment because he can smell lust. Hee!

Randomly, Dan turning down the stereo by shooting it is awesome, as is the Spanish version of “Girl I Want to Be with You.” Who knew kids made the best back-up? White Collar’s Jeff Eastin gets a shout-out and Dan’s “The water’s nice” is so ridiculous it’s hilarious. My favorite line of the episode, though, is “You know a lotta things. You’re like a computer machine with a little bit of hair gel on top.”

This is a fun episodeof The Good Guys with terrific guest stars. Yes, the Dan and Jack randomly stumble onto huge case and then end up with no credit is wearing a bit thin, but I’m still enjoying the ride, so I won’t complain.

What did you think of “Little Things?” Are you looking forward to meeting the Savage of Savage and Stark next week?

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