The Big Bang Theory “The Zazzy Substitution” Review

THE BIG BANG THEORY (CBS) The Zazzy Substitution

THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Zazzy Substitution” Season 4 Episode 3 – Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler have been spending more time together, driving the gang to drink and foot pumicing in this week’s episode. But it’s not long before ShAmy’s difference of opinion on whose work is more important (Sheldon’s theoretical physics or Amy’s neurobiology) leads them to break up their relationship. Sheldon claims he’s fine about it, but his sudden adoption of twenty-five cats says otherwise. As a last resort, Leonard calls Sheldon’s mom, Mary, to town, and she swiftly sets about reuniting Sheldon and his ex-non-girlfriend over dinner by pretending to disapprove of Amy. Sheldon takes umbrage and proposes he and Amy give their relationship another try; she accepts. “You tell [men] not to do something, that’s all they wanna do… Now don’t you move, I’ll bring over all the food,” she says – ending the episode by proving her own hypothesis as Leonard rushes to collect the dinner for her.

This episode goes straight into the list of my top five favorite The Big Bang Theory episodes. I was hoping for better than last week and was instead rewarded with something reminiscent of season 2s episodes, where they’d finally gotten into their groove and delivered great episodes week after week.

Amy manages to be even more obnoxious than Sheldon, but is somehow still likable, maybe because she’s challenging Sheldon in a way we’ve never seen before. The gang’s reaction to the relationship was great, especially Leonard and Sheldon’s ‘suffering in silence!?’ scene. (Oh Sheldon, that was silence? I’d hate to see you speak up!)

We got drunk Raj back this week. I absolutely love his interaction with Penny, especially when he gets a little bit sexist. You know, given that Amy is more like Sheldon than like, well, any human female known to mankind, I wonder if Raj could actually speak to her while sober? Hmm.

The cats were a cute plot point this week. The ‘zazzy’ thing was hilarious, as was Amy liking cats because they’re ‘the epitome of indifference’. But the best part had to be them paying people to take the cats off their hands at the end of the episode. (Though wouldn’t this have been the perfect episode to hear ‘Soft Kitty’?)

Guest starring this week was Mayim Bialik (as Amy), who was great as always (even if I keep expecting Joey Lawrence to appear and say ‘woah’ – I’m a child of the 90s ) and Laurie Metcalf as Sheldon’s mom. I absolutely love Laurie. It’s a shame we don’t see more of the guys’ families because they’re so much fun. Shall we dare to imagine what Penny’s mother would be like?

Speaking of mothers, there was no Mama Wolowitz again this week!

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