PRIVATE PRACTICE “Playing God” Review

Private Practice "Playing God" Review

PRIVATE PRACTICE “Playing God” Season 4 Episode 3 – In this episode Sam finds himself in quite the dilemma as the man responsible for killing Dell and injuring his daughter comes in to apologize and winds up having a heart attack, bringing on some old memories. Naomi keeps telling Addison that she’s fine with her and Sam’s relationship, but the truth is she’s really not at all. Coop and Charlotte are discussing buying a house, though he wants to stay in the loft and she wants to start fresh in a place without so many memories. Violet and Pete are settling in as a married couple and go visit an old friend of Pete’s – a doctor who runs a free clinic out of his home who asks Pete to help with an in-house (and illegal) surgery. Amelia decides to stay in LA and gets hired into the practice.

My favorite bits..

Sam asking Addison “Would you be?” about whether or not Naomi was okay with them sleeping together.

Naomi screwing with Addison about how cupcakes were a pretty bad guilt gift in exchange for her ex-husband. LOL.

Sam nearly strangling the man who killed Dell. Ugh, so terrible as I can see it from both sides. Sam has every right to be angry but the guy did have guts for going in and facing them all.

Amelia admitting to Naomi that the reason she wanted to work for her was that she had no where else to go.

Charlotte’s tearful admission that she wanted to move because the old place reminds her of all the things she screwed up.

Pete getting a taste of what it was like to help the people at the clinic by fixing the little girl’s arm and then moving on to more patients.

Naomi giving Addison advice on how to deal with Sam.

Coop and Violet discussing their significant others over lunch. I really like how they’ve managed to keep their friendship through everything.

Sheldon admitting that he once licked Pete’s bagel from jealousy. LOL.

Addison asking Sam what he did, knowing that must be the reason he was so upset, and getting him to admit that he let a patient die because he judged him to be a bad person.

Pete facing down a gun to make a call to 911 and save a girl’s life.

Naomi finally telling Addison exactly how she feels about her and Sam.

Addison telling Naomi that Sam needed her to help him.

Pete figuring out the right way to get back that adrenaline rush without ruining his family life or doing anything illegal.

Sam telling the man to have the surgery, live and “do better next time” and also pointing out to Charlotte something that the other doctor missed. That was awesome.

Coop telling Charlotte all the memories that he has in the their place and how none of them are bad. So sweet.

Naomi telling Addison that this wasn’t the beginning of the end of their friendship.

I like how this episode of Private Practice dealt with an issue that I’m sure plagues doctors every day. How do they deal with treating patients who are criminals? When they don those gloves doesn’t that mean they also have to give up all of their personal feelings? This episode showed us that they can’t always do that, no matter how hard they try.

What did you think of the episode? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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