HIM & HER “The Parents” Review

Him & Her episode 5

HIM & HER “The Parents” Episode 5 – The fridge has broken down in this weeks episode, leaving Steve and Becky to eat the entire contents before they go bad. They’re also preparing for Steve to meet Becky’s parents, which involves airing out the flat post-flatulence and preparing chips in the oven. Becky, bored, decides to see a passing Dan, who introduces them to his ‘girlfriend’ Paris. She’s obviously a prostitute, but they play along and then giggle about it when he’s gone.

Becky’s Mum and Dad arrive and things get super awkward. The Mum, who seems pleasant enough, is waiting for Laura to arrive so they can go shopping for Laura’s wedding. She looks through a bridal magazine and decides that Laura needs a veil, not to hide her face, just to…you know.

Becky’s Dad, Nigel, checks out the fridge and banters with Steve. Most of it revolves around Becky’s ex-boyfriend Lee, who is apparently the polar opposite of Steve and very engrained in Becky’s family’s life. To make matters worse, the fridge isn’t broken, just turned down to a very low setting. Nigel calls him an idiot in the nicest possible way.

Laura turns up to take her Mum shopping, and announces that she doesn’t want a veil because she wants to show everyone her face. Mum and Becky just share a look. Steve comments about the wedding being a highly anticipated event and Laura and her Mum point out that the guest list isn’t finalised. Besides, it’s costing £20 a head. Poor Steve assures them that it’s okay, but he can pay for himself if they do invite him. The awkwardness continues into the bedroom where they all listen to Dan noisily enjoying his ‘girlfriend’s company.

And then everyone decides to go. They see Dan on the way out (he’s on his way to a cashpoint with his now ‘friend’, the deed done) and say even more awkward goodbyes. Becky closes the door behind them. “Well, that was a success,” she says. “I’m not a people person, am I?” Steve asks. “No, of course not,” Becky replies with a smile.

You have to feel sorry for Steve in this episode. He’s genuinely trying to make a good impression on Becky’s parents, but they’re just completely uninterested. I doubt it will happen, as he’s in Afghanistan, but it’d be great if we could actually meet Lee and see who Steve’s being compared to.

Becky’s parents seemed pleasant enough, disliking Steve aside, but only her Mum made me chuckle. This episode had potential, it just didn’t really feel like much happened. Of course, nothing much ever happens in Him & Her, but this episode felt lighter on the plot than usual.

Another decent enough episode, but nothing I would go out of my way to watch, especially at it’s 11.45pm airtime. I can’t help but think that the characters would be a lot more fun out in the big wide world, instead of being constrained by a tiny flat.

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