GREY’S ANATOMY “Superfreak” Review

GREY'S ANATOMY "Superfreak"

GREY’S ANATOMY “Superfreak” Season 7 Episode 3 – This week’s episode of GREY’S ANATOMY found Derek confronting Christina about her fear of surgery and confronting his sister about their history. Meanwhile other members of Seattle Grace deal with their “freak” issues.

Christina is still ambivalent about surgery, mostly because she is scared and the shock from the shooting has taken away some of her memory about how she saved Derek’s life. It seems that she thinks that if she cannot remember that, how will she remember how to be a good surgeon? The Chief, Dr. Perkins and the rest of the doctors discuss what they should do with her and the main consensus is administrative duty. Derek is having none of that, though, and forces them to place her on his team for the day. Christina, who now sleeps at Derek and Meredith’s when Owen works nights, is unaffected by Derek’s desire to bring her back to surgery until he confronts her with his scar and forces her to work on a cadaver to relive the surgery. Even then, Christina tells Owen she would rather be a plumber.

Karev finds that he is still affected by the shootings as well as he cannot step foot in the elevator where he laid bleeding. Instead he opts to use the stairs for everything which eventually gets noticed by the Chief mainly because he is so sweaty. The Chief finally confronts Karev and makes him confront his fear by riding in the elevator incessantly until his fear is gone or he is “completely bored.” For all we know, he might still be in there.

As if Derek did not have enough on his plate with Christina, his sister Amy blows into town bringing with her a guy she slept with on the plane that she also suspects has a brain tumor. After coldly blowing her off, Derek explains to Meredith, whom has never met his sister, that he and his sister have a long history whereby she not only crashed his car, but stole his prescription paid, overdosed and died for three minutes before he could save her. Amy, for her part, is mad at Derek for not calling her when he was shot. After all, he is the second man in her life to get shot, the first being their father. Derek and Amy finally hash it out and Derek walks Amy through the night their father was shot as she had no memory of it. For now, they seem to be okay.

On the medical front, aside from the airplane tumor guy, a man is brought in with warts all over his face and horns growing on his hands and fingers. This makes Lexi gasp loudly and inappropriately in the man’s presence although it was simply an honest reaction. Baily is upset by Lexi’s lack of professionalism and makes her stay by the guy’s side the entire time and assist in the surgery to remove the warts and horns. Just as Bailey is done lecturing Lexi on how doctors have to deal with all kinds of surprises and remain calm and professional, she loudly screams as a very big spider comes crawling out of one of the man’s horns. Did anyone else expect her at that moment to cut off the guy’s finger? I was surprised when it turned out to be a spider.

The other medical story involved a woman who thought she was having panic attacks about her upcoming wedding and tells Meredith and April that she is still a virgin. Well, it turns out the virgin had a condom in her lung. Her fiance thinks that she cheated on him, but it turns out it was a bachelorette party gone wrong where she was practicing on a banana. Luckily her boyfriend eventually believes her and even laughs about the situation.

I thought this was a good episode. I liked that they have toned Derek down and now have him focused on other things besides being a reckless tool. It was nice to see that Karev was affected by the shootings too as he has been rather aloof about the whole situation. Typical defense mechanism I am sure. My favorite scene was the scene where April, after being teased all day about being a virgin, finally explodes and lets out everyone’s secrets that she has been observing for a while. I thought to myself “this girl isn’t so bad” just as Meredith told her she was starting to like her. Maybe there is hope for April after all. I was not happy that, once again, as Lexi decides she is going to give Mark another chance, she finds him making out with Amy and inviting her into his apartment. Will Grey’s Anatomy just let them get back together instead of this star-crossed lover thing?

What did you think of this episode of Grey’s Anatomy? I know there are a lot of Lexi and Sloan fans. Were you disappointed in Mark’s behavior or is that to be expected since Lexi told him to leave her alone? How long do you think Karev had to ride in that elevator before he got bored? Share your thoughts and favorite moment’s from this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy in the comments below.

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