30 ROCK “Let’s Stay Together” Review

30 Rock "S05E03" NBC

30 ROCK Season 5 Episode 3 “Let’s Stay Together” – Jack goes to congress, Liz’s co-workers are being mean again, replacing her name with “F Kruger” “Lez Lemon” “Winona Ryder (In a Hundred Years)” “Fart Barfunkel” and “Paul Simon” and Tracy creates a television show.

When Jack tells Liz that he’s heading to congress to defend the corporate merger and something about vertical integration (if anyone could clarify it please do) Liz’s main concern is finding the USA network since she cannot find Monk.

Jack manages to convince the acclaimed director of When Harry Met Sally Rob Reiner to support his deal for vertical integration plan. Unfortunately Congresswoman Regina Bookman (the amazing Queen Latifah) accuses NBC of racism and wants to see more diversity at TGS.

Jack: “Diversity means new ideas and new markets. It is our best hope for new innovation.”
Liz: “Did you tell all that to Congresswoman Bookman?”
“No, I was too busy trying to remember the name of the black kid on Community.”

After five seasons of 22 episodes each 30 Rock could be getting stale, but it is not. It’s still tackling important issues like diversity (or lack thereof) in the media. It moves 30 Rock into a league away from thoughtless jokes and into intelligent, highly quotable satire.

Liz gives Jack the idea to promote Twofer as co head writer to lesson her responsibility. Things take a turn for the awkward as she intrudes on a Right On interview on African Americans and their Roles in the Media. I think this segment could have been much funnier but that’s my only critique.

Bookman gives Jack three months to change her mind and vote ‘yes’ on the deal. The best thing about this is we’re guaranteed another visit by Queen Latifah, who nailed every line and then some.

Meanwhile Kenneth is back at NBC and Jenna decides to help him get back into the page program. She’s going to break him down completely then build him back up again, “just like Mickey Rourke did to me sexually.” She fails, but then gets Kenneth back in anyways by going through Jack: “I want to get Kenneth back into the page program but” (gestures to a man beside her) “whatever this is won’t let me.”

Episode three of 30 Rock was probably my favourite of the so far stellar fifth season. What did you think of it? Leave your comments below!

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