THE OFFICE “Andy’s Play” Review

The Office (NBC) Andy's Play

THE OFFICE “Andy’s Play” Season 7 Episode 3 – “Andy’s Play” while not advancing any story arcs of the series, was pretty much my favorite episode of THE OFFICE to date. Before you bite my head off let me say this: I have done a lot of community theatre, I love it, and I can picture exactly the way that Andy’s performance of “Sweeney Todd” was executed.

The opening sequence of the cast and their “viral marketing” made me laugh right out loud. The actors did not sound like trained professionals; they sounded spot on how they should have – above average, everyday people singing show tunes.

My love for theater aside, Andy is my favorite character on the show. I think that we can all agree that while most, if not all, of the other characters on The Office have become a little over the top, Andy has always been over the top, and thus has not become a mockery… at least not to me.

I absolutely loved that Erin showed up, no matter how irresponsible it was to bring Cece to the performance. Like stated in my previous review, I’m not sure I understand exactly how old Erin is supposed to be sometimes, or where she grew up thinking that some of the things she does are okay. I’d like to be in the writer’s room when they’re discussing her character progression.

I will say that Andy’s cell phone ringing on stage was so awkward that it pretty much made me sick to my stomach. Mainly because the second he put it into his pocket, I knew that thing was going to go off at a really bad time. I did not, however, think that he would blow the performance the way he did.

I’m used to Michael making me cringe and not be able to look at the screen without flinching, and the balloons popping, the wine bottle rolling down the aisle, the booing… well, Michael didn’t disappoint.

Like I said, the only story arch that was really touched on was Andy and Erin’s relationship, and I just would really like these two back together. I think they are absolutely perfect for each other, and I’m pretty much gunning for them the way everyone gunned for Jim and Pam.

… okay, well, maybe not that much, but close.

Other highlights that I found notable:

  • Dwight’s proud “I work with that guy.” moment to the random audience member about Andy
  • Erin’s: “Did you write this?!” when Andy and the cast were singing
  • Creed the theater reviewer
  • Jim’s “It’s like the hurt locker!”
  • And, finally, the entire office asking Andy to sing one more song
  • Like I said, I’m prepared to be blasted for everything I’ve said in this review, but I’m standing by that this is one of my favorite episodes.

    What say you?

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