NIKITA “The Guardian” Review

Nikita (CW) - The Guardian

NIKITA “The Guardian” Season 1 Episode 5 – NIKITA just gets better and better with each episode! After last week’s episode full of twists, character backstories, and subtitles, I wasn’t sure what to expect this week. But tonight’s episode “The Guardian” does not disappoint. The object of focus is a black box, which everybody wants for completely different reasons. Percy wants to prevent Division secrets from being exposed. Nikita wants the leverage to destroy Division and Percy. Michael just wants to know the truth. Unfortunately, in the end nobody gets their wish fulfilled.

Owen Elliot (Devon Sawa) is an operative whose mission it is to protect “the package”, which is a black box stored at a bank. The operation is interrupted by bank robbers. Percy, who usually never goes out into the field, immediately goes to meet with him because the black box has a hard drive in it, containing information on all Division’s operations. Nikita locates Owen and rescues him from Percy, in order to get the black box. As Alex tries to help and warn Nikita, she gets caught in Percy’s office by Thom who doesn’t rat her out. Michael attempts to find out about Owen, as well as Percy’s interest in him.

Besides more subtitles, this episode of Nikita presents new characters and different relationship dynamics between old ones. The plot is suspenseful and the characters are becoming more complex and interesting to watch. Michael isn’t just Percy’s brainwashed lackey. He continues to be suspicious of Percy’s motives and actions, even so far as to go against him and to breach Division’s computer system. Nikita and Alex both have the opportunity to gain allies. Obviously trained well by Nikita, Alex has always been independent, not needing any help from others or wanting it. But accepting and being grateful for Thom’s help opens the door for a friend (or possibly for trouble). With that kiss, we all know what Thom wants. Owen, his mission, and his forbidden relationship with Emily embody Nikita’s life – present and past. She wants the black box that he has. Nikita has to let him into her life to accomplish her ultimate goal. With the murder of his girlfriend Emily by Division, Nikita and Owen are placed on more equal footing. She will have to convince him that there is a reason to live and get revenge, like she did with Alex. Will they team up to fight Percy? The only one who is the same as he was from day one is Percy, who is one lucky devil. How easy would it have been to just kill him! But if that happens, there goes the story. Lastly what do you make of Nikita’s comment that the black box in Owen’s possession is “one of the black boxes”? Is she going to have to start looking for black boxes now?

What did you think of episode 5 “The Guardian” of Nikita?