Marla Sokoloff to Star in Hallmark Channel’s GIFT OF THE MAGI

Marla Sokoloff

Hallmark Channel is updating another Christmas classic. It has announced the world premiere of its original movie GIFT OF THE MAGI, a contemporary take on O’Henry’s tale of treasures surrendered by loving hearts, airing Thursday, December 16.

Gift of the Magi stars Marla Sokoloff (The Practice) and Scott Webber (Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World) as Della and Jim Young, financially strapped newlyweds about to spend their first Christmas together. Challenged to buy secret gifts for each other, both end up selling their most prized possessions.

An amateur photographer, Della focuses her prized, but well worn, Nikon 35mm camera on reluctant Jim, persuading him to pose with his beloved, but dilapidated ’55 Chevy Bel Air convertible. Della longs for a professional zoom lens to take better pictures of the man she loves. Camera-shy Jim sits in the Chevy pretending to drive, but his four-wheel antique has no steering wheel. He can buy parts at the junkyard, but more than anything, Jim is passionate to own the original steering wheel.

When the couple’s everyday car is stolen and they exhaust their savings buying a new one, Jim and Della make the difficult decision not to buy any gifts this Christmas, but determined to get Jim his steering wheel, Della takes a second job, making up excuses for why she is late every night. The pair begins to drift apart because Della is tired from pulling double shifts, while Jim harbors anger about being alone so much of the time.

As Christmas gets closer, Jim and Della’s relationship worsens and it will take a Christmas miracle–or some wise gift-giving–to bring them back together and learn about the all-consuming love that comes from giving up a lot while expecting only a little.

The world premiere of the Hallmark Channel Original Movie Gift of the Magi will air on Hallmark Channel Thursday, December 16 at 8pm/7 central.