IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA “Mac’s Big Break” 6 Episode 5 – Welcome back gang. I might have said this already this season of IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, but “Mac’s Big Break” brings us right back to the greatness that this show can be.

After Mac accidentally answers a hockey question right on the radio, he gets a chance to hit a puck during one of the breaks at an upcoming Philadelphia Flyers game. If he makes the shot, him and guests will score a spot at a kickass Summer spot, so obviously Mac thinks he seriously has a chance at winning, and bringing Charlie along for the ride. Frank, who has been recording Dennis and Dee’s banter for his amusement, gives them the idea to star up a podcast. Charlie has to start teaching Mac how to play hockey, or at least shoot a puck, which leads to an inspired TRAINING MONTAGE full of egg eating, duster wearing, mullet having and synchronized dancing beauty!

Meanwhile, Dee and Dennis are dragging every ex from their past, like Cricket, Ben and the Waitress, to guest on their podcast, which turns out more like The Howard Stern Show than anything on NPR. After humiliating the waitress with dirty dish water, the duo believe they can take over airwaves with their brand of humor. So they ask Mac to give a tape to the radio jockeys he will meet when he gets to take the big shot at the puck. Mac scores his big shot, sending the entire stadium into cheers of his name, until he wakes up from what really happened – him falling flat on his face the minute he stepped out onto the rink, cracking the tape and his ego in the process. At least his turn on the ice will get some TV airplay.

“Mac’s Big Break” tapped into two things I loved about this show. The gang has a bizarre way of taping into what’s a hot topic in popular culture, like gay marriage or podcasts, and completely breaks it down. It’s like your grandma got her hands on Twitter – it’s embarrassing, but you just can’t look away. The other thing I love is their obsession 80’s movies, which was best exemplified tonight by the training montage.

They have done this a few times, like “Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack,” where they take a smidgen of plot from an 80’s flick and run away with it. Charlie training Mac to play hockey for something like a half-time show is funny in itself, but to bring that to the next level with the all important montage is killer. The gang, when separated into smaller groups, are able to really play up their ineptitude – Dee & Dennis’ bratty superior nonsense vs Mac and Charlie’s nonsensical approach to success is at the heart one of the best aspects of this show. And when these losers bring anything revolving around sports into the mix, its perfect for their brand of slacker comedy.

Every week, I am always fearful that this will be the last show I love because I wonder how the heck they can just keep on making these stand alone hilarious takes on debauchery and narcissism and every week I come back here and say that this episode was really the best. So let’s hope next week’s dive into the public pool will make me think the same.

What did you think of the ode to the 1980’s? What was your favorite quote of the night? And when the heck will we get to see Sweet Dee’s baby bump?