BLEEP MY DAD SAYS “The Truth About Dads and Moms” Review

The Truth About Dads and Moms

BLEEP MY DAD SAYS “The Truth About Dads and Moms” Episode 3 – Still not hilarious, but better. On it’s third go-round, “The Truth About Dads and Moms,” BLEEP MY DAD SAYS scored a lot more genuine yuks, thanks not just to star William Shatner, but other cast members, too.

This week, Ed takes son Henry to one of his favorite restaurants, a cowboy-themed pancake house.It turns out it’s become a specifically gay hang-out, from employees to much of the clientele, though Ed’s oblivious to all that – he just wants his turkey bacon and a short stack, sooner than later. And who should be working there, but the gay fellow (Tim Bagley) who helped him cheat on his driver’s license exam at the DMV in episode one.

He was fired for that and now works as a waiter with a tin star on his chest and a gun belt, packin’ syrup. He wants Ed to apologize and of course, he refuses. This sets off son David, who’s getting calls from his mom, breaking up with her latest boyfriend. David blames Ed for the end of the marriage having cheated on her. But he later learns from older brother Vince (Will Sasso) that it was mom who cheated on dad, but he took the blame to protect David, then only five. Ed confesses that to Tim, the gay waiter who’s fired from the restaurant job for refusing to serve Ed when he comes back in again.

Meanwhile Vince and Bonnie (Nicole Sullivan) had dropped by the house on their way to wedding and she was in $400 make-up as bridesmaid and refused to remove it for days to get her money’s worth, also appearing on TV news as a realtor. During all this, we finally get some funny situations, coupled with a bit of emotion-tugging (Ed’s sacrifice for his youngest son).

And we also come away with a great non-sequitor: “Sometimes, the pig goes to slaughter for the sake of the farmer.” Or something like that. Bleep My Dad Says is still lacking in enough rapid fire quips and one liners to match its source Twitter feeds, but “The Truth About Dads and Moms” was genuinely funny at times, as in the restaurant, when every time there was a comment that could be met with innuendo, like Ed saying something about growing 12-inch cucumbers, the waiters and customers would chime in with a reaction. Plus the double ending was good.

The show had started with Ed calling Henry the maid and ends with him saying he’s really hired a maid, who turns out to be gay Tim. Then, after one more commercial break, a final short bit to button it all up, with Bonnie on TV in make-up worn too long and gone so wrong, telling a reporter it’s important to find a realtor with a face you can trust. Heh.

Thank you Bill and company plus writers, for some actual out loud laughs here this time out.