THE GOOD WIFE “Double Jeopardy” Review

THE GOOD WIFE "Double Jeopardy" CBS

THE GOOD WIFE “Double Jeopardy” Season 2 Episode 2 – Is there such a thing as a bad episode of The Good Wife? It must be a good sign if the lowest criticism I can muster of “Double Jeopardy” is that it was not my favourite episode. Yet there was still so much to love (the stripper video!) and so much to-dislike is too strong a word-so much to not love (really, Zach?) that this, indeed, was not my favorite episode.

The cases on The Good Wife are always excellent; clever, unsentimental, often humorous. This week Alicia and Will went to court martial defending a soldier accused of murdering his wife. This was all thanks to Cary, who lost the case at state trial and called up a friend in JAG to retry the accused. As usual, twists ensued as Will and Alicia tried to find their footing in new territory. As the case started going downhill, Will even got himself into contempt to buy Alicia time. I loved the new setting, I loved the judge (“Corporal Barnard, if I order you to be unbiased, will you be?” “Yes, mam”-cue Will’s look of dismay), but would it seem terribly morbid of me if I wish the husband had actually been guilty? I know, Alicia has some suspicions of his guilt, but it was never really explored and I love me some murky moral decisions. Alicia’s sudden move into first chair is a plot device threatening to be overused.

Alicia used Blake instead of Kalinda (who was preoccupied with something else) to help her out with the case. Unfortunately this did not mean that we got to know more of Blake, nor did we get any scenes between Blake and Kalinda. In fact neither made much of an appearance in this episode, though Kalinda did help Alicia win her case in the end. I applaud the writers for resisting the temptation to have everyone’s favourite character (Kalinda) front and center, as lesser shows would, but she should always be involved in a subplot.

A new video is posted online courtesy of Peter’s ex-stripper cuddly buddy. I love the feeling that everything is closing in on the Florrick’s, but why was the door to Peter’s interview room locked?

Zach, why are you falling for Becca again? Didn’t you learn your lesson when she screwed you over the first time? I mean sure, you’re young and stupid, first love, blah blah blah, but come on lad! As she sets up a Facebook page for Glenn Childs Jr ON YOUR HOME COMPUTER aren’t alarm bells ringing in your ears? Didn’t your sister already tell you she had been bombarded with questions from two teenagers with a camera?

Zach seemed to be the only person listening to his heart instead of his head. At Lockhart & Gardner (& Bond?) Diane finds herself betrayed by Will as he votes with Derrick Bond to drop one of her clients (Democrat Joe Trippi) in favour of one of Bond’s (Lou Dobbs). Furious at Will, she warns him that he’s just lost his alliance with her because of his betrayal, despite his argument that he made the decision based on the numbers, not the history. Nevertheless, Bond’s client Dobbs decides to leave the firm-until Diane, at Bond’s behest, convinces him to stay…on the condition that she represents him, despite their ideological differences.

The episode ends with Kalinda hinting to Diane that she make have found a link between Bond and Will, that the boys’ club may have more history than was initially perceived.

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