CAPRICA “Unvanquished” Review

CAPRICA (Syfy) Unvanquished

CAPRICA Season 1 Episode 10 “Unvanquished” – Graystone struggles with the loss of his company and his wife leaving him. He sits down at the bargaining table with the Ha’la’tha’, the Tauran mob, in hopes to strike a deal to get his company back. Clarice offers the Monotheist leadership a chance to build a virtual heaven, offering a religion free of doubt.

A religion without faith. Yeah, that’ll work. Later, Clarice’s friends get stabby on a priest who tries to have Clarice killed. You can really feel the fervent religious fever when ten people stab an old man fifty times when the first one would have sufficed. Right now, I’m rooting for the forthcoming Cylons to kill everyone in the STO and its parent religion. Not because of their religion, mind you, just because they are all douchebags. Sadly, that’s not likely to happen.

My friends were up in arms about Zoe, the latest “deadwalker” to grace V-world. They want to see her and the other deadwalker fight. I say that won’t happen unless the two characters are just prissy little bitches. And since there are other shows that do that better, and, are other shows, I can’t imagine a scifi show is going to start a teenage zombie cat war when there’s better ground to cove. Also, it would be pointless since they can’t die. More likely the two will team up, conquer V-world, then the STO. You can already see the signs of worship for deadwalkers.

Caprica constantly reminds us that it isn’t Galactica. I feel they are being extremely heavy-handed about religion and the evils of corporation. Graystone’s acceleration on his downward spiral shouldn’t be so centered around his company. He’s a driven man who stumbled onto something massive. Something he considered bad until his loses his company? Too simplistic for my tastes. In the end, I’m just waiting for Graystone Industries and the Cylon-STO to merge and create Cylontology.

And yes, I do realize that a teenage zombie cat war would be pretty epic. But my arteries are clogging from the implied cheesiness already.