SPOOKS Season 9 Episode 3 Review

Spooks 903

SPOOKS Season 9 Episode 3 – A chemical agent is seized in Azakstan as part of a joint British/Russian operation, resulting in the murder of several AAF (an Azakstani terrorist organisation) members. One of the last remaining members of that team, Aibek, is sent to London to find another sample of the chemical agent, known as Paroxocybin.

Aibek finds the doctor, Kirby, who has the Paroxocybin, but Kirby won’t tell him where it is. So Aibek beats him up and goes after his daughter. But she won’t break, even when he tries to drown her, so he moves on.

Meanwhile the Spooks team are having second thoughts in their dealings with the Russians. A Russian agent is assigned to them, but when Kirby’s daughter turns up dead, Beth suspects the Russian agent killed her trying to get the location for Paroxocybin himself.

So a ruse is set up which leaves the Russian agent dead. The Russians think he died nobly, trying to stop Aibek from getting away with the Paroxocybin. The world thinks the AFF now possess Paroxocybin, causing the Russians to withdraw from their plan to invade Azakstan.

I enjoyed this episode for the first half an hour or so, and the very end was interesting, but that chunk in the middle lost me. It wasn’t that the episode was hard to follow, it just seemed like the plot was stretched too thin and everything was a little too simple: us = good guys, Russians = bad guys, Aibek = somewhere in the middle on a sliding scale.

They could and maybe should have played up Aibek trying to steal the Paroxocybin to protect his country from the Russians, giving us a more conflicted view of this terrorist. In fact this was only brought up a couple of times, most of the conflicting emotion coming from Harry, who spent the entire episode feeling sorry for himself.

Killing the Russian agent and then making it look like Aibek escaped was a pretty smart move, but without seeing the events on the roof after Lucas turned off the camera or knowing what happened to Aibek, it all felt a bit hollow.

Harry and Ruth are still dancing around each other in that adorable way, with another thinly veiled talk next to the Thames at the end of the episode. I really like these two. They prove you don’t need overt flirting build tension and make a pairing really likable to the audience.

Lucas’s past comes back to haunt him again in the form of Vaughn, who tells Lucas that ‘they are going to kill’ him and asks him to get hold of an MI5 file. Lucas wants nothing to do with him, again. Even so, he can’t get his mind of another person from his past – Maya. He calls her up, they meet, they kiss, and presumably they’ll try to pick up where they left off 15 years ago. I hope they build the relationship up a little and let us know what draws these two together. All we know so far is that Lucas tried to forget about her until he saw the photograph in the things Vaughn gave him in episode 2. Is she just a convenient love interest? Or is there a bigger storyline coming out of their reunion?

Overall, a decent enough episode but nowhere near the greatness of episodes 1 and 2. Still hoping to see more from Tariq and Ruth, who do nothing but work on computers and talk to the Home Secretary, it seems. Viewers who’ve watched previous seasons: do those two ever do field work?

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