GLEE “Grilled Cheesus” Advance Review

GLEE “Grilled Cheesus” Season 2 Episode 3 – Finn has a come-to-Jesus moment with a grilled cheese on tonight’s episode of GLEE, “Grilled Cheesus.” I had a chance to preview “Grilled Cheesus” and I think it features the best soundtrack of the season. Billy Joel, REM, The Beatles, Barbra Streisand—this Gleek was in heaven.

As you probably figured out from the title, Finn has an existential crisis after seeing the face of Jesus on his grilled cheese sandwich. This prompts the glee club kids to discuss their own religious beliefs, and they all seem to have a different opinion. Finn’s sudden interest in Jesus doesn’t exactly sit well with Jewish Rachel. Will this cause trouble in paradise?

The sandwich silliness is balanced out by a painfully serious storyline involving Kurt and his dad, Burt (the Emmy-nominated Mike O’Malley). Let me warn you, this is a major tearjerker, so have a box of tissues handy. Kurt has a solo that will melt even the coldest of hearts. It is a big episode for Kurt who gets more screen time than he has all season.

Like I mentioned above, the music in “Grilled Cheesus” is by far my favorite of season two. Puck continues his tradition of covering songs by Jewish musicians by doing Billy Joel’s “Only the Good Die Young,” and it’s about time Puck did another solo. Mercedes, who hasn’t been given much to do so far this season, has not one, but two solos in this episode. And then there’s Rachel’s rendition of “Papa Can You Hear Me?” and Lea Michele + Barbra Streisand = AMAZING.

“Grilled Cheesus” is exactly the type of Glee episode I love—it’s slightly outrageous, emotional, funny, and has rockin’ soundtrack that fits perfectly into the story. The religious discussion might offend some, but I love that Glee isn’t afraid to go there. I think they cover different faiths and attitudes toward religion openly and honestly. At the very least, it should spark some interesting discussions.

I want to hear your thoughts on “Grilled Cheesus,” so after you watch Glee tonight at 8pm on FOX, please come back here and leave a comment!

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