GOSSIP GIRL “Touch of Eva” Review

GOSSIP GIRL “Touch of Eva” Season 4 Episode 4 – What did you think of tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl? OMG. Did Chuck just declare war on Blair?? I LOVE this show!

Nate:Quit being so dumb Nate! I’m sick of watching him get played like a cheap fiddle. Juliet is so crazy, what do you think she could be up to? Is she out to get Serena or the whole group?

Dan and Vanessa: What did you think when Vanessa staged an intervention with Lily and Rufus to confront Dan on his post-Milo depression? I can see both sides to this one. Dan obviously made a poor choice having Vanessa move in with him – but he was also in the middle of Milo-craziness when he agreed to it. Now that his life is getting normal again he’s starting to realize what he wants, unfortunately it’s not Vanessa. However, I do think Dan could have handled the situation better. He should have broke things off with Vanessa before trying to start things up with Serena (who isn’t even sure of her feelings for Dan).

Blair: Do you think Chuck got his due from Blair or do you think Blair was out of line? Personally, I thought Blair was out of line. Chuck not only got shot, but also fled the continent for Blair. She’s the one that encouraged him to come back and saw how happy he was and how he was changing his life for the better. It was low even for her to destroy that. Now Chuck has declared war on her. Who do you think will win that battle? Do you think she is still in love with Chuck?

Serena: Here’s my opinion: Serena shouldn’t end up with Dan or Nate. She needs to meet somebody and be sure of her feelings for once: like Vanessa is with Dan. What do you think? If you were Serena who would you want to end up with?

Chuck: I was loving the new and improved Chuck, weren’t you? Although Blair is one of my favorite characters I was team Eva all the way. I am so sad that she left him! I thought after they both forgave each other’s past sins they were going to be inseparable. Chuck needs somebody in his life to encourage him to be the nice guy he really is. I hope Eva comes back, although it’s not looking good. What about you? Team Eva or Team Blair?

Twist: Juliet ‘borrows’ an apartment to take Nate. Eek. What do you think her plans are? How long will we have to wait to find out what she’s scheming? I’d love to hear your ‘Juliet’ theories, so please leave me a comment and let me know what you think she’s planning.

I’m already counting down the days until next week’s episode. So much drama even without a major falling out between Serena and Blair or an appearance by Little J – I am loving Season 4!

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