AMERICAN DAD “100 AD” Review


AMERICAN DAD Season 7 Episode 1 “100 AD” – When Hayley and Jeff elope, Stan offers a $50,000 reward that everyone wants to claim. Meanwhile, Roger and Steve are back as Wheels and the Legman.

This week, AMERICAN DAD celebrated its 100th episode by killing 100… people we don’t care about. Though the jokes interacting with the death counter were amusing. Until 97 died in a single go. That joke wasn’t funny. It totally betrayed the spirit of the death counter.

It’s hard to review this show, to be honest. It’s little more than jokes strung together. And they wouldn’t be as funny if I described them. There were a lot of good jokes though, even some that made me laugh. Si in the end it was a good episode.

It seems the female characters in this show lose intelligence each season. Scenes with Francine had at least one joke at the expense of her intelligence. I laughed because they were funny jokes, but after awhile you start to notice there’s a dead horse in the room and someone is kicking in its general direction.

Much as I enjoy American Dad when I turn off my brain, the series has always been the repository for jokes that weren’t funny enough for Family Guy and too tame to be on South Park (if Seth was a writer on South Park). I’m surprised the show is still on the air sometimes. It’s like the line of Pentium computer chips that get rebranded as lesser lines because they didn’t meet the standards of the better products.

That being said, I always enjoy the scenes with the CIA boss. Don’t know why, they are just hilarious to me. And this week he got into a fight with the koala bear.

By the way, that whole thing about the death counter was a joke–if a bad one. I just don’t want any comments from people telling me to chill out. Unless you can make a better bad joke, then by all means.