THE X FACTOR UK 2010 “Judges Houses: Results” Review

X Factor Judge's Houses 2

Let’s face it: my predictions sucked. The results for the judges’ houses of THE X FACTOR aired and I got a grand total of 8 out of 12. Okay, not terrible, but I only predicted one girl correctly.

Well, let’s get on with one of the most surprising elimination rounds The X Factor has ever aired this early into the game.


Cher Lloyd- I thought would be more than possible, and I’m excited about it, I just hope her throat clears up before the live rounds begin.

Katie Waissel-she has Twitter ablaze with accusations calling Cheryl a racist, which is utterly ridiculous. The fact that she got through is surprising. I would have liked to see Gamu or Kerri through, but she has a cool voice, even if it is grating to hear her speak.

Rebecca Ferguson-which was to be expected after her fantastic rendition of Owl City’s Firefly.

Surprise Elimination:

Gamu Nhenga. Oh Gamu, I fear you were the face of the autotune controversy. Despite your ability to reduce us to either tears or dance offs, I wonder if the producers had you nixed from the moment the controversy began, your awesomeness be damned.


Matt Cardle-was there ever a doubt? Producers clearly think his aw shucks painter attitude and hat will have the ladies’ (and some men) hearts a-flutter.

Aiden Grimshaw-the dark horse of the competition.

Nicolo Festa-oh geez. Really, Danni? Really? I liked you, I really did. But why, Danni? Why, producers? Why?

Surprise Elimination:

Paije Richardson. He wore a gold bowtie and a bowler hat! Danni’s reason for eliminating him-his lack of personality when he sings-was utterly bogus.


All of my predictions came true here!

Mary Byrne-Tesco worker is through to warm our hearts for another week.

John Adeleye-John who? Yes, I predicted he would be through. It doesn’t mean I’m excited, not if I had to youtube his auditions just to remember what he sang.

Storm Lee-I think Louis has him here just to annoy Simon. And the world.


F.Y.D are through. I regret saying I’ll smash a plate over my head if they get through. When they’re not dancing or singing, they’re not annoying at all. Come to think of it, that may be a problem.

One Direction-it would be far more entertaining if they were just called New Directions. But there was no doubt this lot would get through. Not a smudge.

Belle Amie-maybe they’ll break the girl group curse, but with the Bieber band, man band and the soloists, they’ll have to be absolutely amazing to stand out.

Surprise Elimination:

I genuinely thought Princes and Rogues would get through, if only because of their wardrobe.

There were plenty of shockers , but has anyone got a clear chance of winning? I wouldn’t put it past One Direction (terrible, terrible name) to woo the texting twittering tweens, nor would I be surprised if Cher Lloyd manages to impress us again with her original (for The X Factor) musical style. Matt Cardle has impressed the producers, will he impress you? And of course, what do you make of the eliminations and the top 12? Let me know in the comments below!

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