RUBICON “A Good Day’s Work” Review

Rubicon (AMC) - A Good Day's Work

The ongoing game of cat-and-mouse comes to a head tonight in the episode “A Good Day’s Work” of RUBICON. No doubt this means we are getting closer to a resolution to our four-leaf clover puzzle. Will knows that he is being watched; knows Spangler played a role in David’s death; and knows his life is in danger. Spangler is aware that Will knows too much. And Will knows that Spangler knows that he knows too much. Yet both men must remain civil, going in circles and attempting to stay a step ahead of the other.

Will is assigned to find Kateb. He gets Tanya temporarily released from filing duties to help. Will also requests for Maggie to be reassigned to the team. The team discovers the true identity of Kateb, who turns up in the U.S. Katherine is fearful of leaving the house because of Bloom’s threats.

Spangler arranges for Bloom to murder Will after discovering that Will is looking for information on the Fishers Island group. Spangler offers what he thinks are final parting words to Will, praising him for his work on the Kateb case and for his career at API. Will has to play along and pretend to be grateful for Spangler’s words and his compliments about David. After Will fights and kills Bloom, he enlists Kale for help disposing the body. Will dumps Andy.

Tonight’s episode of Rubicon confirms several details of the conspiracy and how it relates to Spangler. Michael Cristofer again illustrates his wonderful acting abilities. His sinister portrayal of Spangler clearly conveys the confidence and scope of his control in the situation. James Badge Dale also is great portraying Will on the opposite end of the emotion spectrum. At the end of the episode, the shock and fear on his face completely encompasses his panic and realization of not only killing someone, but of his own powerlessness in such a huge plot. Will learns that Spangler and his childhood friends use their power and positions, along with API findings, to engineer and profit from global vulnerabilities. The suicides of some of those friends are probably because those individuals couldn’t live with the events that they had set in motion. However, we are still left with the question of whether Spangler and the gang are tied to the Kateb plot. I would assume yes, considering its mention and development in each episode and Spangler’s interest in it. But how will this story be resolved? Could Will conceivably do anything about the outcome? Further questions also arise. Does the card that Tom hides for Katherine mean anything beyond the literal meaning? What sort of plans does Spangler have for Grant; how will Grant respond? Can we trust Kale’s motives and allegiances now that he has helped Will clean up? As it stands, it seems only one person can survive in the end. Spangler won’t let Will get away with anything. But what would the show be without Will? Which side will prevail? I suspect it will be bits and pieces (individuals and morals) from each side. Who will be left standing?

What are your thoughts on episode 11 “A Good Day’s Work” of Rubicon?