MERLIN “Gwaine” Review

MERLIN Season 3 Episode 4 Gwaine

MERLIN’s fourth episode of its third season, “Gwaine”, found Camelot hosting a melee and Arthur targeted by assassins.

Out hunting, Arthur and Merlin stop for some mead at a small tavern. Though it is Arthur’s idea, Merlin reaps the benefit as the tavern keeper takes a liking to him, which has Arthur feeling rather moody.

Things turn from jolly to dangerous as a thug called Dagger arrives at the tavern to take money from the tavern keeper. When Arthur steps in to defend her, Dagger’s cronies burst into the tavern. Gwaine steps up to defend Arthur and after a huge brawl, he takes a dagger for Arthur. He is taken to Camelot where he causes trouble. He spends a small fortune in a tavern buying drinks for everyone. He bonds with Merlin over their deceased fathers. He tries to woo Gwen and succeeds to some degree until his hatred of nobles gets himself banished from Camelot after saving Merlin’s life.

Merlin was caught stealing into Sir Oswald’s bedchambers. But Sir Oswald is not Sir Oswald; he is Dagger , using a magic crystal to change his appearance. Dagger and his sidekick, also posing as a knight, make their blades look dull when in fact they are razor sharp.

The melee is fantastically choreographed as the knights face each other. Against Oswald and Ethan, Arthur finds himself at two to one odds until he is saved at the last moment by a second knight…as Merlin says, “There is only one person I know who could do that.”

Arthur removes his helmet and concedes the melee victory to…dah dah dum….Gwaine. Uther orders his guards to seize Gwaine. Gaius reveals the true identities of Ethan and Oswald. Despite all of this, Uther refuses to rescind his banishment and Gwaine is sent away.

I smell a Round Table in the future. I smell Guinevere’s social standing no longer becoming an issue. All we have to do is let Morgana’s villainy reign supreme. Cue the promos for next week.

It was a fantastic episode, perhaps my favourite of the series so far. What did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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