SMALLVILLE “Shield” Review

Smallville "Shield"

The second episode “Shield” of the tenth season of SMALLVILLE has found the most diabolical, evil villain in Superman history-forget Lex Luther, forget Darkseid, forget Doomsday. If Satan and Tweety bird had a baby, that spawn would be called Kat Green. I mean Cat Grant, with a ‘C’. When she announced that she would be replacing Lois as Clark’s new partner Clark never looked so scared in all his life. I screamed.

An assassin known as Dead Shot (he even wears a cowboy hat) shoots a nifty bullet into the exhaust of Cat’s car whilst she and Clark are in it. Clark saves Cat, sustaining a few singes on his jacket. The car is blown up, but it was a really bright pink car so it is sort of a benefit to the world. Cat thinks the attack was made on her; she was apparently in a bad relationship prior to arriving at the Daily Planet and she had to adapt a whole new identity to keep herself and her son safe. This she reveals to Clark after she is confronted by the Green Arrow in her apartment.

Tess shows Clark that the bullet was not meant for Cat as it had ‘Clark Kent’ inscribed on it. Dead Shot knows that bullets do not hurt Clark, but he also knows that hurting someone close to Clark will hurt him. At first I thought ‘yes! Clark is going to Africa!” but no, it quickly becomes apparent that Dead Shot is aiming at Cat. He chases her (and when I say chase I mean she runs screaming whilst he walks menacingly) through a bus station and just as he takes aim, Clark arrives and saves her.

Meanwhile, Lois is in Africa, being looked after at Clark’s behest by Carter Hall, who tells her about the legendary Shayera (AKA his wife Hawkgirl). The best part about their storyline was when he quotes Nietsche and she said, “Superman” but aside from that, I cannot wait for Lois to head back to Metropolis.

On the Oliver front, with Tess’ help he realizes Chloe sacrificed herself for him. In the warehouse he confronts his torturer who lets him know Chloe took cyanide. I did not believe this for an instant as I adhere to the ancient television law: If thou dost not see the corpse, the character does not be dead. Sorry, my Middle English is rusty. Luckily the writers know we know this law, and wrapped it up quickly; Oliver found an empty bottle which had traces of a cyanide antidote. So Chloe faked her own death. Clark tells Oliver they must not look for her, as she had spent so long telling them she knows what she’s doing.

What did you think of the episode? I enjoyed it, not as much as the premiere, but it was still a solid episode. Thoughts on the Suicide Squad? Let me know in the comments below!

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