Hallmark Channel Announces THREE WISE WOMEN

Three Wise Women

Hallmark Channel isn’t kidding about being the “biggest holiday destination in television.” It has announced that Fionnula Flanagan (Rich Man, Poor Man; Lost) will star in its original holiday movie THREE WISE WOMEN, airing December 14.

Flanagan will play Beth, a woman who visits her past with her guardian angel, Tom (Hugh O’Connor, Your Bad Self) to see just how much one choice can change a life and, with Tom’s help, works with her past selves to make the right choices.

Liz (Amy Huberman, The Clinic) has everything a girl could ever want – a successful career as a doctor and an equally successful fiancé who can’t wait to marry her. Yet somehow, things just aren’t clicking for Liz as she can’t help but remember some past relationships that ultimately let her down. And when she runs into Bobby (Brendan Patricks, My Last Five Girlfriends), a dear old friend, an intense moment of nostalgia sends Liz into a bigger spiral of confusion.

Lucky for Liz, Tom has a plan to restore her faith in true love. He quickly travels back in time to recruit a younger Liz and then forward in time to find Liz as the more mature Beth only to return to steer present-day Liz from making a big mistake. With guidance from spirits of past and future, Liz suddenly realizes that she might be marrying the wrong man and must make up for past mistakes in time to secure her future with a lifelong love.

Hallmark Channel will air the world premiere of Three Wise Women Saturday, December 14 at 8pm/7 central. Will you be watching?