THE OFFICE “Counseling” Review

The Office (NBC) Counseling
After last week’s premiere of THE OFFICE, we were left with Michael’s Sophie’s Choice moment of selecting either termination or a set of 6 hour long counseling sessions with Toby. Since the name of the episode is entitled “Counseling” obviously our beloved Michael Scott is still with us.

I hesitate to say this in fear of jinxing the series, but this episode felt like the earlier seasons of The Office – and I AM THRILLED. There wasn’t forced humor, nothing made me cringe in my seat because of bad writing, and the awkward situations were written specifically TO be awkward.

Personally, I might try out Pam’s trick of creating a promotion for herself. If it works for her, hey, it might work for me! Aside from the overall attempt being EXTREMELY shady (and termination worthy), let’s be honest, Pam would be an amazing “Office Administrator”. I’d hire her.

I don’t have any criticism about the episode except for one thing: Erin and her disposable camera. How old is this girl supposed to be exactly? Not so young that she doesn’t know what a disposable camera is, am I right? My 17 year old brother knows what a disposable camera is and I KNOW Erin is older than 17. Regardless of that minor (and believe me when I say MINOR), the bit made me smile.

I feel that while “Counseling” was a decent episode, it didn’t blow me away or make me laugh out loud at any point. However to give credit where credit is due, it didn’t make me sigh at the end and think “…that was it?” like a lot of recent episodes have in the past.

The highlights for me included:

  • Dwight’s Sesame Avenue Daycare Center, and the scream that Jim let out when he saw Mose painting the room in the dark.
  • Jim and Andy’s My Fair Lady/Pretty Woman makeover on Dwight.
  • Pam’s rant about a commission based income.
  • Kelly’s “I’ve learned to tune myself out” moment.
  • Angela and Dwight’s punch card
  • Even though it didn’t wow me per say, I think The Office is headed back to its roots. I’ll welcome it back with open arms when I’m positive this trend is going to continue.

    What say you? What’d you think of The Office “Counseling”?