Hallmark Channel Causes THE SANTA INCIDENT

The Santa Incident

Uh-oh. It’s Santa vs. Homeland Security when Santa crosses into a no-fly zone in the new Hallmark Channel original movie, THE SANTA INCIDENT, premiering December 7. The film stars Ione Skye (Say Anything), Greg Germann (Ally McBeal), Michael McElhatton (Your Bad Self), Sean McConaghy (The Task) and James Cosmo (Sons of Anarchy).

Homeland Security’s Asymmetrical Threats Division has unknowingly targeted Santa Claus (Cosmo) for piloting an unidentified aircraft and flouting national sovereignty. Before fully identifying the target, their agent Ross (McElhatton) fires a heat-seeking missile into Father Christmas’ dash wings. His reindeer rocked, his jingle bells jangled, Santa crashes to Earth, where he is rescued by a couple of kids and nursed back to health by their mom Joanna (Skye). Erickson (Germann) and Cunningham (McConaghy), a pair of bumbling secret agents have also homed in on Santa’s position, and they are determined to make Kris Kringle pay for their looking bad in a prior botched anti-alien interdiction.

The dumb luck duo repeatedly delay Santa, but he never takes his eye off the ticking clock. Christmas is coming — and while Nick waits for a sign that his Elf Posse is coming to the rescue — he busies himself doing work-in-trade around town. Bartering his time for batteries, microchips, and other materials, Santa magically makes stacks of toys with military precision and stashes them in a secret location. As the agents rush in to plunder Santa’s ad hoc toy factory, they hear a faint sound: jingle bells. Santa’s eyes twinkle and he smiles. He was never worried. He’s been saving Christmas for children — and loving it — for centuries.

They had me at Ione Skye and “Elf Posse.” What about you–will you be tuning in?

The world premiere of The Santa Incident will air on The Hallmark Channel Thursday, December 9 at 8pm/7 central.