Episode 7 “Get A Room” of Web Series NIGEL & VICTORIA Now Exclusively on Web Series Channel

Nigel and Victoria Episode 7 Get a Room
If you didn’t know yet, a new website recently joined the Daemons Media family: Web Series Channel. And today they have just exclusively premiered Episode 7 “Get A Room” of the wonderful web series NIGEL & VICTORIA.

Nigel & Victoria follows the off screen romance between Victoria, the sassy, sexy and gadget-crazy TV presenter who reviews new Philips products like the iPad holder and sports headphones; and Nigel, the very British hopeless romantic marketing guy who’s rubbish at expressing himself.

This is probably one of the best web series that I have ever seen. It’s really adorable and sweet, and all I can say is that Nigel makes me go “awwww” at least once in each episode. What can I say I’m a romantic at heart!

You can also watch all previous episodes of Nigel & Victoria here.