BLEEP MY DAD SAYS “Wi-Fight” Review Or A Letter To William Shatner

Bleep My Dad Says (CBS) Wi-Fight

Dear Mr. Shatner:

After all these years as a fan, can I call you Bill? You can call me Darryl. (And you did tell Picard to call you Jim when you played Kirk for that last time on Star Trek: Generations). So….Bill…I was there for original Trek and all the reruns in syndication up to today. I remember Barbary Coast (great show, wrong time, huh?). Wasn’t a TJ Hooker fan, but others were and that young Heather Locklear sure was cute. And Boston Legal? Hysterical. You stole the show every time.

But this new series, BLEEP MY DAD SAYS? I gave the second episode “Wi-Fight” a shot as cranky curmudgeon Ed battles – no no no – with son Henry about hooking up the house to the Internet. Was this right out of the: Bleep My Dad Says” tweets on Twitter? I don’t remember it and wonder, because the plot sounded soooo ten years ago. My parents are coming up on 80, mom first and she’s way skilled with Google searches at this point and they’re both all over the Web, use email and Dad even has a Facebook page. Now the bit threatening to shoot the cable guy was kind of amusing, though the weiner jokes were pretty sophomoric, y’know? Also all the stuff about gardening and growing. And then daughter-in-law Bonnie with a boob rash you describe as: spaghetti and meat balls: when viewed underneath a microscope, which freaks out son Vince?

Nicole Sullivan and Will Sasso were both mighty funny on MAD TV, but here, their stuff is falling flat. Is it them? The writing? Both? Now Bill, you and Jonathan Sadowski did have a bit of chemistry this time out, though as with the pilot episode, the comic timing missed more than hit. Once again, there were a few chuckle-bringing lines, but nothing to match the laugh-out-louds (that’s LOL on the Internet, by the way) that the original Dad tweets could bring. At this rate, David E. Kelley should think about a Denny Crane TV movie, “cause we know you’d nail that. But Bleep My Dad Says? Oh, you can deliver a pithy punch line, but there were so few, really, what’s going on? “Wi-Fight,” was still missing the zap-zing the show needs. The jokes have to come faster, stop worry about the emotional context stuff as that’ll fall into place if you ramp up the yuk force factor.

And oh, Henry’s line about not using beautiful women and horses in the same ‘net search was also funny, even if we saw it coming when your character brought up the subjects, which included vegetables. You should have said the things you were interested in were beautiful women, horses, and, well, cucumbers.

I remain a fan and we’ll see what laughs come next week.

Wishing you well, Darryl.